Account Types

There are three account types in Fuel Cycle: Member, Client, and Moderator. Their definitions are below:

  1. Member — Member accounts are primarily for community members. They can also be used for “test” accounts for moderators to test out their surveys from the platform as a member. Members only see the “member-side” of the community.
  2. Client — Client accounts can view everything on the admin side (community backend), but with read-only access. They cannot create or edit activities or view member data. On the member-facing side, they can comment, participate in live chats, and take surveys.
  3. Moderator — Moderator accounts access both the backend and the “member-side” of the community. They can author surveys, publish and close content, access data and make changes to community design.

Read-only access is available for all account types. Read-only access allows individuals to view community content but they cannot comment or participate in any activities.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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