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Activities Overview

Activities form the backbone of your Fuel Cycle Community. You’ll rely on the ‘Activities’ section for nearly every research project or engagement activity you place in the community.

To get started, simply navigate to the ‘Activities’ section on the left-hand taskbar. ‘Activities’ is the default tab when you open the Activities section from the Admin Panel menu. From there, you can create and launch:

In the default view, you can see details of all the activities in your community. This includes the following:

  • Activity Title: the name of your activity
  • Category: which category or categories the activity belongs to
  • Status: the status of the activity. It can be published (currently open) or closed
  • Topic: the topic(s) the activity belongs to
  • Group: the group(s) of members the activity is published to
  • Archived: shows whether this activity has been archived or not
  • Start: the date the activity was published
  • End: the date the activity was closed
  • Points: shows if points have been allotted to the given activity or not

You can filter the content with the drop-down menus above the content listings:


The Actions drop-down is an essential and frequently used menu. Please reference the Publishing Options article for more information on the Actions menu.

From the Actions menu, you can:

  • Export: export your data
  • Archive: archive an activity (when you want to leave an activity visible but as read-only)
  • Close: close an activity (this will remove the activity from the community and prevent further participation)
  • Delete: delete activity (for instances where you do not want any record of the activity whatsoever)
  • Copy: copy activity (this is especially useful when you want to copy a discussion to publish to different groups)

Archiving an activity disables further participation – such as additional comments. The activity will become read-only. However, all archived activities will be visible to the entire community by default – even if it was initially visible to (a) specific group(s).

Updated on July 23, 2020

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