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Activity Exports

Activity exports are data exports of Activities, Member Forums, and Member Posts.

Activity exports follow the same format for all three types of content, even though they’re found in different tabs.

1. Navigate to the export function (Activities > Activities / Member Posts / Member Forums > Actions dropdown menu)

Activity Exports - Action Menu

2. Select Export from the Actions drop-down menu.

3. You’ll be taken to the “Create Export” page and can enable several filters and options for your export.

  • Export Name — This is for management purposes only and no members will see this name.
  • Date Range (optional) — Enable a date filter to export content for a certain time period.

Activity Exports - Create New


With Banners functionality, you have the option to include all or some profile data and any survey questions previously answered by members.

4. Expand all questions, choices and answers into separate columns: This will expand profile data into columns for all profile and survey questions enabled in the next steps.

5. Include User Account Fields: including user account fields exports all required account fields along with the data (such as name, gender or age).

  • By default, all exports include User ID, User Role, Username, Email, Status and Activation status.

6. Profile Points

  • You can choose one or multiple profile points that you want to be included in the export. Type the name of the profile point question and matches will display as you type. Select the profile point to add it to the export.
  • Include all Profile Points: To easily select all active profile points, select this option.

7. Polls (profile questions)

  • You can choose any other demographic or custom profile question enabled for your community. Simply type in the name of the poll and matches will display as you type. Select the poll to add it to the export.

8. Survey Questions

  • You can choose any question from any survey used in the community, including screener surveys.
  • First, type in the survey name in the first field. As you type, matching survey names will display. Select the survey you want to use.
  • Then, type in the question name in the next field. As you type, matching questions will display. Select the question you want to include in the export.
  • Note: if surveys or survey questions do not load, please check your internet connection. Slow connections may not load the questions quickly.

Activity Exports - include all

9. Include all deleted items: The export will include any deleted items if this option is selected.

10. Media Files: When enabled, you can export all media files attached to the activity as a link or attachment.

  • Link: When you use this option, the Excel file will include links for all attached files (in both the Attachments and Comments tabs). To download the actual file, copy/paste the link from Excel into a web browser or place your cursor in the cell with the link and click Enter/Return to automatically create a hyperlink. You can then click the link in Excel to download the file.
  • Attachment: Use this option to download all of the files uploaded in the activity, post or member forum. The ZIP file export will include both the Excel file and another folder called “Files.” The file downloads are located in the Files folder. In the Excel file, you’ll see the filename of the attachment in either the Attachments or Comments tab. You can then find the matching file in the “Files” folder. When including attachments, the export may take some time to generate depending on the volume or size of media files.

8. Select the “Request Export” button.

  • You do not need to stay on the page while content prepares for download.

9. Downloading Files

  • You will now be taken to the “Exports” page on the lefthand admin panel.
  • There are two types of exports available: Zip File and Zip File [masked]
    • Zip File: Is all data included in the export, including personally identifiable information (PII), such as Name and Email.
    • Zip File [masked]: The export will mask (not display) any personally identifiable information (PII).
  • The status will display “Requested” at first. Once the export is ready for download, the status will be “Completed” and a “Download” link will be available.
  • Click the download link to download the export.

Activity Export - Export in progress

Updated on August 30, 2019

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