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Activity Survey Disqualification and Points

Activity Survey Disqualification and Points gives Moderators the ability to filter members based on eligibility with a screening survey that is served prior to the specified activity. Fuel Cycle enables users to reward both qualified and disqualified members with points and provide tailored messaging for those who may not qualify.  

Here are the main features:  

  • Moderators can use surveys as screeners and redirect members to different actions based on whether they qualify or disqualify from an activity.  
  • Moderators can assign different rewards (points) to members who are qualified versus disqualified.  
  • Moderators can customize messages displayed to members who disqualify from an activity. 

How to set it up:  

  1. Prior to setting this up on Fuel Cycle, you will need to set up your screening survey on your survey provider platform (e.g. Qualtrics, Momentive (SurveyMonkey) or Alchemer). Fuel Cycle will use the logic you program into these surveys for qualification.  
  1. In the Fuel Cycle platform, navigate to “Activities” on the left-hand side. Follow your normal flow by creating a new activity and inputting the relevant information.  
  1. In the middle row of tabs, you will see “Attach Surveys.” This is where you will attach your screening survey and then click “Add.”  
  1. A drop-down menu will appear. Be sure to select: “Force member to take poll before continuing to activity landing page.”  
  1. Next, fill out the disqualification message. We believe it is important to encourage participation, even when someone may not qualify for a particular activity. The text is up to you, but we recommend messages that appreciate members for their time. An example can be: “Thank you for participating in this survey. Based on your responses, you may not be a fit for this activity, but will be rewarded ___ points for your time.” 
  1. To assign points for qualification and disqualification, navigate to “Action and Points” in the middle row of tabs within activity creation.  

For those that need additional support in setting up for Qualtrics and Alchemer, we have these additional support articles:

Creating a Screener/Recruitment Survey in Qualtrics:


Creating an Activity Survey in Alchemer:


Updated on October 5, 2021

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