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P2 Engine – Adding Profile Point data to Qualtrics

You may want to use demographic data in addition to survey data, often for cutting data to look at differences between demographics and behavioral characteristics.

Fortunately, Fuel Cycle makes it easy to combine your profiling data with survey data using a feature called Embedded Data.


In order for embedded data to work, you’ll need create Profile Points for all data that you want to push to Qualtrics. Click here for details about setting up Profile Points.

Adding Profile Fields to Surveys

  1. In Qualtrics, go to edit survey (Admin > Surveys > Launch Qualtrics > Edit your survey) 
  2. While editing your survey, go to Survey FlowQualtrics Survey Flow
  3. In Survey Flow, select the field called “Embedded Data.” It should look like this:Qualtrics Survey Flow Embed Data
  4. Select “Embedded Data” and click “Add from Panel”Qualtrics Survey Flow Add from Panel
  5. All embedded data fields now appear in your data and can be used to run cross-tabs or other forms of analysis for surveys. Be sure to hit save!Qualtrics Survey Flow Save Flow
Updated on June 4, 2020

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