Measure unfiltered and unbiased emotions with facial coding and emotion analytics

Brands, advertisers and market researchers know that emotions influence consumer behavior. The key to optimizing media spend and creating the best ads is to understand consumers’ emotional engagement with digital content.


Affectiva is an emotion recognition software or “facial-coding” solution that allows you to gain deep insight into unfiltered and unbiased emotional responses to digital content. Using any standard camera or webcam, affectiva captures and measures the moment-by-moment facial expressions of respondents as they view your stimulus. The results are aggregated in an easy to use dashboard, allowing you see and measure key emotion metrics such as joy, surprise or contempt at key scenes such as the moment of brand reveal. In addition, Affectiva has built the world’s largest emotion database of 24,000 ads and over 6 million faces across 75 countries, providing norms that tie directly to outcomes such as brand recall and purchase intent. This database is also used to benchmark the effectiveness of your content by geography, product category and media length.

Affectiva Dashboard


Use Cases

  • Ad sales enablement — test ad content and concepts with your community to gauge emotional engagement and performance against regional and product category benchmarks
  • Determine media spend — test final ads for emotional engagement and direct your advertising spend to the ads with the best emotional impact
  • Improving story flow — moment-by-moment emotion data pinpoints viewer confusion or a lack of engagement. Use this information to improve your story arch
  • Create cut-downs — identify the most engaging moments in longer TV ads to include in shorter online ads
  • Movie trailer creation — test different versions of a movie trailer and use the most engaging moments from each for the final cut
  • Test voice overs and brand reveal — see the emotional engagement at the moment of brand reveal in an ad and the effectiveness of taglines and voice-overs

Affectiva Dashboard

How it Works

Affectiva studies can be launched directly in your Fuel Cycle community. You can create new studies and attach them to Fuel Cycle activities for a seamless member experience. Each study will measure member reactions to media via their camera or webcam. When the study is complete, the member will return to the Fuel Cycle activity and the results will be automatically collected. The Affectiva dashboards present analysis and insight from your study.

Updated on January 30, 2019

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