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Announcing SMS Campaigns

Here is some templatized language that can be used to announce the use of SMS campaigns to members in your community.


Please update the text and tailor to your community. Confirm the download links for your app; international communities likely leverage different download links for each country.


Don’t check your email often? Are you a frequent mobile user? Then we’ve got some news for you!

We’re excited to announce SMS campaigns! SMS stands for “short message service” – better understood as text messages. The next time you login into [community], you may be asked to enter your mobile phone number. If you want to stay even more on top of [community] news and activities then we’d love to see you sign up to be eligible.

SMS campaigns pair perfectly with the [community] mobile app. Any message announcing a new activity or post will include a link that will open directly in the mobile app! Don’t have the [community] mobile app? No worries! The links will still open in your preferred mobile browser as well.

Please note that entering your mobile number and becoming eligible to receive SMS campaigns is not required to remain in the [community]. This is an optional service we are offering our members a way to highlight important activities in a method other than email.

You can expect to receive a message [enter frequency]. If you later decide you no longer want to receive the text messages, you can always update your preferences in the Communication tab of your Account Settings!

Standard data and messaging rates apply.

Don’t have the app yet? Download it below:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Updated on June 8, 2020

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