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Coupon Incentives in Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle offers customers the ability to deliver coupons as incentives to community members.

Coupons are redeemed in the Fuel Cycle community, delivered via email and can be presented as a code for e-commerce transactions or as a QR code for in-store purchases. This exciting development means brands can directly measure the value of their community in bringing community members closer to their organization.

Coupon incentives work seamlessly with your Fuel Cycle community. Like other gift cards and rewards, members can redeem points for the coupon of their choice or they can be delivered a coupon in direct response to participation in an activity.

Setting up coupon incentives is straightforward as well. Organizations share a list of pre-existing reward codes with Fuel Cycle, who then loads them into the community. Enterprises can have confidence in this new incentive option because rewards redemption and delivery is always tracked for future audits and accountability.


Coupons are an optional integration. Coupons are $500 for initial setup and $250 for each batch of coupons uploaded, regardless of whether the batch is 10 or 10,000. In addition, each coupon redeemed is $0.25.

Required Assets

The following assets are required for setup:

  • Brand image in .eps format
  • Name of the brand to be displayed to buyers and recipients
  • Name of gift to be displayed to¬†members
  • Description to be displayed when a member selects your gift from the marketplace
  • Redemption instructions to be displayed at the bottom of a claimed gift
  • Terms of service governing the gift code
  • Optional: URL where recipients should be directed once they have claimed a gift

Getting Started

Please contact your Client Success Manager to get started with coupon incentives through Giftbit.

Updated on June 7, 2018

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