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Creating a Base Survey in Alchemer

This article will break down the process of setting up a base survey in Alchemer:

  1. Under the Build Tab: Add Webhook and Redirect in the Thank You Page:
    1. Webhook
      1. Method – Post
      2. URL: https://util.fuelcyclecore.com/util/surveyGizmo/redirectProxy
  • These settings:
  1. Redirect
    1. Disqualify Respondent – No
    2. URL: https://util.fuelcyclecore.com/util/surveyGizmo/redirectProxy
  • These settings:
  1. Set up pages for intro message, first question page, and thank you message.
  2. “View Settings”. Check the following:
    1. Page IDs
    2. QID
  • Q Comments
  1. Disabled Questions
  2. Logic Conditions
  3. Answer Options
  1. Advanced Tab:
    1. Check the following:
      1. Make this a template
      2. Dynamic Numbering
  • No, don’t Encrypt response data
  1. Automatically sync reporting values and option titles
  1. Response Settings. Check the following:
    1. Yes, this is a forward-only survey
    2. Only logged-in Alchemer users can access uploaded respondent files
  • Prevent duplicates with a browser cookie, allowing one response per computer
  1. Style Tab:
    1. Go to Text options. Leave all but “Show Required Asterisks” unchecked.
Updated on October 5, 2021

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