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Creating a Campaign: Step 3 – Recipients and Schedule

The final step of campaign creation is where you select the recipients and scheduling of the campaign.


  • Users: When this option is selected, you can choose from the following options:
    • Roles: Member, Moderator and/or Client
    • Status: Active, Inactive and/or Closed
  • Group: When you select group, type the name of the group and matching groups will display. Select the group you want to target. You can add more than 1 group.Email Composer - Add group
  • User Distribution List: This option allows you to create a custom email recipient list using User IDs and optional custom parameters.
    • Custom parameters can be useful when you need to insert a unique URL or code per user into the email, such as when you are sending a Gift Card to a member. Click the “Download Sample” link to download a sample CSV file. You’ll need to find the User IDs for the members you want to send the email to. The best way to do this is to do a Member Export (Members > New Member Export). The member export includes a column for the User ID. Enter just the User ID for each member you want to include in this email distribution, make sure the top/first row of the column is titled “User ID“. If you have any custom parameters, enter those as additional columns. The format for the column header must be all uppercase and no spaces, such as GIFT_CODE. To insert the custom parameter into the email text, use the following format ${GIFT_CODE} … using your custom text between the brackets. When done creating the file, save as a CSV file and then upload it.
  • By Activity: This option allows you to target members based on their participation in an activity.
    • First, enter the Activity Title. As you type, matching activities will display. Select the one you want to use.
    • Next, choose to send to members who “Have” or “Have Not
    • Then, select “Commented or Uploaded a File” or “Completed Survey.” If the Completed Survey option is selected, you will need to type in the survey name. You can only choose from surveys attached to the activity selected in the first step. When the campaign sends, it will only include the members who match the criteria you have selected.
      • This is a great option should you need to send our reminder emails to members to complete a given survey or activity.Email Composer - By activity
  • CC Moderators: This option allows you to cc moderator users on email campaign correspondence.  Moderators will receive a copy of the email campaign at the email address associated with the selected moderator accounts.

With your recipients selected, you can now choose to save the campaign as a Draft or Schedule the email. When you select “Scheduled” you can enter the date and time you want the email to be sent.

Email Composer - Scheduled

Your campaign email is now ready to go out and will be sent to members at the date and time you choose.

Updated on August 26, 2020

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