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Creating a Crosstab Report

Crosstab reports show the relationship between two or more survey or profile questions. It allows you to see a side-by-side comparison of how different groups of respondents answer a question. For example, you can view the results of a survey question by gender and education level.

To access Crosstab reports, Fuel Cycle Discovery will need to be enabled for the community and your account will need to be given permission to access it. When you have access, you’ll see an icon in the header that will allow you to launch into Fuel Cycle Discovery and access Crosstabs.

Crosstabs - Discovery

From here, you can access your existing crosstab reports and create a new report.

To create a new crosstab report click the button at the top left of the page. Next, give the report a name.

Crosstab - Report Name

Then, you’ll need to add Stubs and Banners. Stubs display in the matrix along the y-axis (vertical) and Banners display along the x-axis (horizontal).

You can use surveys and polls for your stubs and banners:

  • Surveys: Questions associated with any survey completed in the community.
  • Polls: Questions created in Fuel Cycle that are associated with member profiles

Adding Poll Questions

To add Polls to your crosstab report, simply click “Add Profile Questions” to add all available Polls as question sources.

Crosstabs - Add Polls

After clicking “Add Profile Questions”, all of your Poll questions will appear in a grid at the bottom of your report, providing you with the option to include each question as a stub or banner:

Crosstab - Add Polls 2


Adding Survey Questions

You can add surveys that have been fielded in your Fuel Cycle community to your crosstab report.  A list of all of your available surveys will be available to add:
Crosstabs - Add Survey

Simply click on which surveys to add and click “Add Surveys”.  Your selections will be made available in a grid at the bottom of your report, providing you with the option to include questions from your survey as a stub or banner:

Crosstab - Add Survey 2

You can enable as many stubs and banners as you want.

To delete a stub or banner, simply click “Remove” above the unwanted question/poll:

Crosstab - Remove

Once you are done adding Stubs and Banners, click either “Save and Exit” to create the report and return to the listing view of all Crosstab reports. Or, click “Save and Display” to create the report and launch the view of the report.

Crosstab - Reporting


You can return view a report at any time by going to Fuel Cycle Discovery > Crosstabs and clicking the “generate” link for an existing report.

Crosstab - Revisit Report

Updated on June 8, 2018

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