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Creating a Live Chat Survey in Alchemer

Live Chat surveys are one-question surveys that display to members during a live chat. Mod and client users will see the real-time results of the survey during the live chat.

To create a Live Chat survey, follow the instructions for creating a Content Survey including the successful redirect at the end of the survey and importing the survey.

Once the survey is imported, return to Alchemer to create a report that will display to mods/clients during the live chat. This will show the results to mods/clients as users take the survey.

Select the live chat survey to return to edit mode. Now, click the “Results” tab and select “Reports.”

SurveyGizmo Add Report

Now click “Create Report” and select a “Standard” report.

SurveyGizmo Add Report 2

Customize the report if you’d like. This will display inside the live chat window. For example, you might want to remove the “Completion Rate” chart and only keep the question results.

SurveyGizmo Share Report

Click the “Share Report” link and copy the URL that displays:

SurveyGizmo Share Report 2

With the URL copied, return to the Survey Management listing and find your live chat survey. Locate the “Report” column and click the “Add” link.

SurveyGizmo Add Report 4

Paste the URL you just copied from Alchemer into the link field and click the “Save” button.

Your survey will now display results to mods and clients during the live chat.

Updated on October 5, 2021

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