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Creating a Screener/Recruitment Survey in Alchemer

The following steps walk you through creating a screener and include all the options you must select in order for the survey to work inside the community.

Screeners, or recruitment surveys, are for non-members and is taken before a user registers. These surveys are attached to a Recruitment URL. When you send the recruitment URL to potential members, they will first take the recruitment survey and if they pass the criteria you set, they will continue to registration. Users who do not meet the criteria for joining the community will be taken to a custom disqualification message page where you can explain to them why they cannot join the community.

When creating a Recruitment Survey, you will need to add disqualification logic. This logic will be attached to any question that includes your member criteria. For example, if you want members to like “Brand A,” you would create “Skip/Disqualify Logic” based on that question. If a member does not choose “Brand A,” you would disqualify the user and add the redirect code as specified below.

To begin, follow the instructions for creating a Content Survey. Once you have created the questions, you’ll add the redirect at the bottom for users who pass the survey and will be redirected to registration (using the same instructions for content redirect in the Post Survey Actions area).

You’ll now need to add the disqualification logic. Below each page, you’ll see a link for “Skip/Disqualify Logic.” Click the link at the bottom of the page that includes the question you want to add disqualification or over quota logic to.

SurveyGizmo Add Skip Logic

The Skip/Disqualify Logic options will display:

SurveyGizmo Logic Conditions

First, enter your logic conditions by using the prompts and options that display as you create the logic.

Once done creating the logic, scroll down to “If the Logic Passes, send the respondent to” section and select the checkbox next to “External URL” then paste the following URL into the field:


SurveyGizmo External URL

Next, from “If the Logic Passes, mark the response as:” select “Disqualified”

SurveyGizmo Disqualify User

You do not need to add the disqualified message in the field here. That will not display to the user, so you can leave it as is. The Disqualified message is set when you create the Recruitment URL.

Now, scroll down to “Variables to Pass (optional)” and select “URL Variable” from the dropdown, then “Add to Field” button.

SurveyGizmo Failed Variable 1

You’ll now need to add the following:

SurveyGizmo URL Variable 2

  • Under “URL Variable” put: redirect_url
  • Under “Variable Name” put: redirectUrl

Return to the dropdown and select “Static Value (use default)” and click the “Add Field” button THREE times (to add the option three times).

SurveyGizmo Failed Variable 2

Enter the following into the fields:

SurveyGizmo Failed Variable 4

There are 3 values to add as follows:

  • First line:
    • Under “Variable Name” put: qualified
    • Under “Default Value (opt)” put: false
  • Second line:
    • Under “Variable Name” put: reason
    • Under “Default Value (opt)” put one of the following: LOGIC or OVER_QUOTA

Note: LOGIC will send the user to the terminated recruitment message. OVER_QUOTA will send the user to the over quota recruitment message.

  • Third line:
    • Under “Variable Name” put: disqualifiedStep
    • Under “Default Value (opt)” enter whatever text you want here. This will be added to the database and can be used to help you determine what question was used to disqualify users. Give it a value that makes sense to you. Do not include brackets { } in this text or it will not save properly.

Continue to add logic as needed for your recruitment survey.

Once finished adding the logic and redirects, you can continue to style and publish your survey as outlined in the activity survey instructions.

Updated on November 5, 2021

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