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Creating an Activity Survey in Alchemer

You can access Alchemer by going to Surveys > Launch Alchemer.

Once inside Alchemer, click the “Create a Survey” button to get started.

SurveyGizmo Create Survey Button

Give your survey a title and select from the following options to start the survey:

  • Blank Survey (start from scratch)
  • Use a Template (select from an existing design template)
  • Copy a Survey (copy from an existing survey)
  • Import from Word (to use this method, follow the instructions here:https://help.alchemer.com/help/import-from-word

You are now in the survey builder view:

You can now add questions, text, and media to your survey using the options on this page. Alchemer will walk you through building each element as you click on an option.

For example, when you click to add a new question, it will default to a Radio button question, but you can click the drop-down to see all question types available and select the type of question you wish to add.

SurveyGizmo Survey Questions

Continue to add questions and other elements as needed. To create a new page, simply click the “Add Page” link and a new page will be added.

Adding the Redirect URL

When you are done creating your survey, you will need to add a “Post Survey Action” that will redirect the user back to the community after they complete the survey.

To add this redirect, please follow these directions:

Locate the “Thank You Page” at the bottom of the page.


The thank you message here will NOT display to members, you can keep the default message, but it won’t display to members, or you can click the Remove link to remove the text message.

SurveyGizmo Remove Thank You

Now, click the “Actions” link to add a redirect link

SurveyGizmo Add Redirect Action

In the screen that pops up, locate the “URL Redirect” under the Survey Actions section and click the “Add” button.

SurveyGizmo Add Redirect URL

A new window will display with a few options.

First, locate the URL field and select “https://” from the drop-down.

Now, paste the following into the text field: https://util.fuelcyclecore.com/util/surveyGizmo/redirectProxy

SurveyGizmo Redirect URL Field

Scroll down to bottom called “Field to Pass (optional)” and choose “URL Variable” from the drop-down, then click the “Add Field” button.

SurveyGizmo Add URL Variable

Enter the following into the fields:

SurveyGizmo Add URL Variable 2

  • Under “URL Variable” put: redirect_url
  • Under “Variable Name” put: redirectUrl

Return to the dropdown and select “Static Value (use default)” and click the “Add Field” button.

SurveyGizmo Static Value

Enter the following into the fields:

SurveyGizmo Static Value 2

  • Under “Variable Name” put: qualified
  • Under “Default Value (opt)” put: true

Click the “Save Action” button and you are ready to publish the survey.

Adding Skip Logic

At the bottom of the page that you want to add logic, click the link for “Skip/Disqualify Logic.”

SurveyGizmo Skip Logic

The Skip/Disqualify Logic options will display:

SurveyGizmo Logic Conditions

First, enter your logic conditions by using the prompts and options that display as you create the logic.

Once done creating the logic, scroll down to “If the Logic Passes, send the respondent to” section and select “Survey Page #” then choose the last page (Thank You!).


The user will not see a Thank You message but instead be passed to the redirect at the end of the survey that takes the user back to the community content page.

SurveyGizmo Skip Thank You

You can select to mark the respondent as Complete, but this is optional. The user will be redirected correctly no matter what you select (or don’t select) in this section.

Click the “Save Action” button to save changes for this logic.

Publishing the Survey

To publish the survey, go to the Share tab.

SurveyGizmo Share

When in the Share tab, click the “Customize” link.

SurveyGizmo Customize Link

Locate the URL:

SurveyGizmo Remove Link

Delete all the text from the end (in the white text box).

If your community uses a secure URL (uses “https” at the beginning of the community URL), you will also need to set the survey to “Secure” as follows:

SurveyGizmo Secure URL

When done editing the web link, click the “Save Link” button.

Now, copy the final URL from the page:

SurveyGizmo Copy Link

Scroll back up to the top of the page to the import survey area.

SurveyGizmo Paste Import

Paste the URL into the text field, then click the “Preview survey” button. Your survey will now display on the page. Go through and take the survey. When finished, the system will check that the redirect codes are correct. If everything is correct, the page will update with a button that says “Import Survey.”

SurveyGizmo Import Survey

Once you click the “Import Survey” button, the survey will be imported into Surveys and will be available to add to content.

Updated on October 5, 2021

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