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Creating Crosstabs in Qualtrics

1. In Qualtrics, select the survey you would like to create crosstabs for.

2. In the View Reports tab, click on the “Cross Tabulation”

Qualtrics - View Reports

3. Select “Create a new Cross Tabulation”

Qualtrics - Create new crosstab


4. Select which questions you would like to be Banners (Columns) and which questions you would like to appear as Stubs (Rows).

5. You can also use your Embedded Data Fields as Banners or Stubs by clicking on Use Embedded Data.

Please note that you must first set embedded data in your survey in order to use this feature while creating your crosstabs. Refer to our Adding Profile Data to Qualtrics article for instructions on how to set embedded data in your survey.

Select which embedded data fields you would like to appear as Banners and Stubs. In the box to the right, you can either type in the specific field values for your embedded data or you can click the Autofill button to import all the values of the embedded data field.

Qualtrics - Autofill


6. After you have selected which questions you would like to be your Banners and Stubs, click the Create Cross Tabulation button at the bottom of the page to create your Crosstab.

Crosstab - Final Creation


7. You can export your Crosstab to be viewed in Excel or PDF by clicking on the respective button to the right. Your Crosstab will immediately deign to download after clicking on the button.

Crosstab - Export


Updated on June 15, 2018

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