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How to create a Geolocation Activity

Geolocation activities allow you to conduct surveys, discussions or even diary studies to members when they are in a specific location.

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Step 1: Create a Location Group

The first step to creating geo-targeted content is to create a location group.  A location group defines which locations community members are able to check-in to.

  1. Go to Activities > Asset Library > Locations.
  2. Click the “+” button to create a new location group.
  3. Give your location group a name, then click the “Save” button to continue. This name is for admin purposes only.
  4. Upload Locations: Use this method to add multiple locations at once using a CSV file.  The file requires: Location Name, Address, Radius in Feet (how close to the address the user needs to be to unlock content). You can use the link to download a sample file to help you build the file.
    1. Once the file is uploaded, it will begin processing in the background. This could take a while if there are many locations in the file.
    2. You can leave the page and the file will continue processing.
    3. Once done, the successfully added locations will display in the list of enabled locations.
      Geolocation - location group 1
    4. For the enabled locations, you can edit the name and radius.

      The name will display to the user when they unlock the content. They will see a message that says: “You unlocked this content by visiting {NAME}.”

  5. Enter Locations Manually: To add locations one-by-one, simply enter the address and radius and click the “Add Location” button. The location will be instantly added to the list of enabled locations below. You will need to provide a name for the location.
  6. If you need to delete locations from a group, select the checkbox next to the locations you want to delete. A delete button will display and you can click to remove the locations from the group.
  7. When done creating or editing a location group, click the “Save” button.

Step 2: Enable Geolocation for Activity or Member Forum

Once you have at least one location group created, you can enable geolocation for Activities or Member Forums.

  1. When creating an Activity or Member Forum, you’ll see a new tab for “Geolocation”:
    Geolocation - setup
  2. Click the checkbox to enable Geolocation and more options will display on the page.
  3. You must add at least one location group, but you can add as many location groups as you’d like.
    1. For each location group enabled, you can click the “Download” button to download a document that lists all locations in that group.
  4. Next, you need to choose the Location Verification Method.
    Geolocation - setup2

    1. Automatically check location when app is opened: When this option is selected, the member’s location is checked automatically when they open the mobile app. This method does not require the user to click a “check-in” button to unlock the content.
    2. Check-in: When this option is selected, the user will be required to navigate to the content detail page and click the “check-in” button to verify location and unlock the content.
  5. Finally, you can enable a Preview message for geolocation content. When enabled, the message displays in both the desktop/browser and mobile app version of the content detail page. This message should be used to tell members where they should go to unlock the content.
    1. When the “check-in” method is used, the Preview Text is required because members will be required to view the content detail page in order to unlock it.
  6. If gamification is enabled for your community, you can also give the user points for unlocking content. The option to add points for unlocking content is available in the “Actions & Points” tab.
  7. Once the content is published, it will be available for members to unlock with the mobile app.

Content Export with Geolocations

When geo-targeting is enabled for content, there will be two additional columns in the Member tab of content export. For each member, you will see:

  • the location the user visited to unlock the content
  • the timestamp when the location was verified


Updated on June 15, 2018

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