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Customizing the Survey Look in Alchemer

When building your survey, you can customize the look of your survey from the “Style” tab.

SurveyGizmo Style Tab

There are a number of design options available. You can click the “Themes” section to select another design theme. You can also use the options on the left to customize the button color and other options.

By default, the survey title displays at the top of the survey for all Alchemer themes. If you don’t want the title to display, scroll down to the bottom right of the page and click the “HTML/CSS editor” link.

SurveyGizmo Remove Header

Locate the code that is highlighted in the above screenshot and delete it. Then, click the “Save Changes” button. This will completely remove the page title from the top of the survey.

You can save your customized design to use in future surveys by selecting themes and then selecting “Your Theme Library”

SurveyGizmo Save Theme

From there click the “Save as New Theme” link. Once you have a theme saved, you can return to your theme library and use the theme on any survey.

Changing Mobile Interaction Settings

When using Alchemer, the survey displays inside the community page as an iFrame. When selecting the style/theme for your survey, you should also check the Layout settings to ensure the optimal experience.

First, select the layout from the left column.

SurveyGizmo Layout Options

Then, select Mobile and make sure “Standard” is enabled.

SurveyGizmo Mobile Optimized Standard

Standard is the best experience for mobile, so make sure to select this option.

Updated on October 5, 2021

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