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Enabling the Mobile App

Enabling the mobile app for your community is easy.  Contact your Account Lead and they will guide you through the setup.

Enable and Configure

The mobile app requires no additional setup from you once your community is live and can be ready in just a few short weeks.  The community branding and settings automatically flow into the app and stay up to date with no additional effort.  The community activities will also automatically display in the mobile app (unless you opt to only publish the activity to desktop).

Launch and Announce

Your Account Lead will notify you when your app is ready to announce to your community.  Additionally, we can recommend strategies to optimally position and promote the app to your members.

Strategies may include launching an activity to announce the app and engage members for feedback. Going forward, you may want to add a section into your weekly email campaigns that has links to download the app.

Additional Notes


iOS and Android native app versions are supported.

Multi-Tenant App Functionality

The Fuel Cycle mobile app is a “multi-tenant” mobile application, which means that our single application is capable of supporting all of the communities of our clients.  Each community and its related data is completely isolated and safely stored within this application architecture.  When a community member downloads the Fuel Cycle mobile app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store, the email address that they use to log-in will serves the identifier for which community they are able to log in to or access.  After a member successfully logs into the community with the verified email address associated to their existing account, the Fuel Cycle mobile app will then brand itself to the appropriate community and provide the member with access to that specific community’s activities and functionality.

Updated on May 28, 2020

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