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Enabling Video Analysis for an Activity

When Voxpopme is enabled for your community a new tab will display in the activity creation flow called “Video Analysis.”

Voxpopme - Video analysis tab

Voxpopme will be enabled by default for each activity, but if you do not plan to include member video submissions, simply disable it.

If you are running a video activity with Voxpopme enabled, there are a few options you’ll need to set:

Voxpopme - Video analysis tab 2

  • Project Name (required): This is the name of the project inside Voxpopme. This will be pre-filled with the activity name by default, but you can change this if you want for moderation purposes.
    • Note: If you use the same Activity title for activities published to different groups, you should create unique project names to help you distinguish the projects inside Voxpopme.
  • Question (required): All videos that you receive on a Voxpopme project will go through a human verification process. The question that you provide will help determine if the video received is answering the question you posed.
    • This field is for Voxpopme verification purposes only — the question entered here will not display to members. You will continue to use the activity description area to describe to member what you want them to say in the video.
  • Further Information (optional): This will be pre-fill with the activity card description, but you can edit or delete the text if needed. Further information is useful if you have any other items you want to be considered in addition to the Question above during the verification process.
    • This field is for Voxpopme verification purposes only — the additional information will not display to members.
  • Total Videos for Project (required): You must set a maximum video count allowed per activity. The minimum is 25 videos, but you can enter any number larger than that.
    • You can increase the number of videos passed to Voxpopme while the activity is running from the Video Analysis section (more details below).
    • Only videos that pass Voxpopme’s verification process will count toward the maximum video count per activity.
    • You can monitor video submission numbers, including declined, approved and pending videos, from the Video Analysis section (more details below).

Once you have set the Video Analysis options and the activity is published, any videos submitted by members as attachments to the activity or attachments in comments are passed to Voxpopme for analysis.

NOTE: If you have “Approval Required” set to media upload or comments, the videos will not be passed to Voxpopme until a moderator approves the video from Fuel Cycle.

Updated on January 3, 2020

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