What are Events?

Events allow you to hold both virtual and in-person events for your community members. Events gives members the ability the pick their own timeslot and add the event to their calendar – giving them flexibility and ease. Scheduling for in-person research and more are capabilities of this feature. Having members sign up and add the event directly to their calendar right in the community has never been easier!

This article will explain how to use the Events feature for your Community.

Creating an Event

There is a new sub-section under Activities for Events where you are able to create, edit, and manage all your Events.

When creating an event, the following fields must be completed:

  • Event Title: This is for moderation purposes only and is referenced in the admin anywhere you manage Events.
  • Location: The location must be filled out with either a link or a physical address. This location will be piped in to the system emails attendees receive when they sign up and receive reminders.
  • Total Signups Allowed: is the maximum number of members that can RSVP for a time slot. This allows you to over-recruit to ensure a full event. All members who sign-up will be able to join until the Total Signups Allowed is reached.
    • Once the maximum group size has been met, remaining members will receive a message that the room is full and will be able to reserve another session if any are available.
  • Session Duration in Minutes: This displays to members so they are aware of the time commitment and can schedule accordingly. However, the actual session can be shorter or longer to allow flexibility based on your needs.
  • Event Full Title and Description: This message displays to members who have signed up, but the event is full or the event has been closed for new attendance. If additional future sessions are available, members can sign up for another session.

The next step is to create Sessions associated with the interview. These sessions will display to members and allow them to RSVP for a specific date and time.

  • You can optionally assign a session to a moderator. This is useful if you have multiple moderators running sessions so you can keep track of who is responsible for each session.
    • The assigned moderator does not display to the member.
  • Sessions can be Public or Private.
    • Public: The session will display to members in the activity and any member with access to the activity can RSVP for the session.
    • Private: The session will not display to members in the activity. Instead, you will need to manually assign a member to a private session time from the Upcoming Sessions tab.

Adding Event to an Activity


An activity must be created and have an Event added to it for it to display to members.

After creating a session you are able to add an Event block in the activity description. Wherever the block is placed in the activity is where the member will reserve the session time on the actual activity page.

In the Event box, you can type in the name of an interview and it will auto-populate. The Block Title must be filled in (for internal reference only).

Events: Session Management

Under the Events tab, all interviews are listed in one place, so that you can view their status, create new events, and edit or archive existing events.

From the Actions dropdown, you can also export the RSVP list for each Event. This will generate an Excel file that lists all session times and show the status of each including the username and email for each reserved time.

Events: Upcoming Sessions

Under the Upcoming Sessions tab, you are able to assign user to a session and assign a moderator.

You are able to manually assign an event session to a user. An Event element can be added to multiple activities. To assign a session to a user, you’ll first select the activity and then type the member’s username. You cannot assign a user if they have reserved another session at the same time.

Event Notifications

Members will receive automated system email notifications to ensure users attend the event at the correct times. The following notifications will be sent:

  • Event RSVP Confirmation: Sent to members after they select a time on the activity detail page. It includes the session date and time, the location, and a link to the activity detail page. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > Event RSVP Confirmation.
  • Event Manual Assignment: Sent to a member after being manually assigned by a moderator. It includes the session date and time, the location and a link to the activity detail page. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > Event Manual Assignment.
  • Event Session Cancelled: Sent to a member after they cancel a session or if the moderator removes the member from the session. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > Event Cancelled.
  • Event Reminder: Sent to a member 24 hours and 60 minutes before the event start time. It includes the event start time details, the location, and a link to the activity detail page. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > Event Reminder.
Updated on November 30, 2020

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