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Unlock the power of location-based market intelligence

In today’s world, mobile phones are ubiquitous with every-day life – increasingly, more people are using their mobile devices to interact with Fuel Cycle communities and the internet.

Geolocation works with Fuel Cycle’s branded mobile app to allow Fuel Cycle customers to engage their community with location-based activities. Activities that are enabled with geolocation such as surveys, discussions and forums can only be accessed when a community member goes to a targeted location, which effectively eliminates recall bias and allows you to tap into a new level of high-quality, in-the-moment data.


Geolocation is ideal for:

  • Shopping Experience Surveys — get in-the-moment feedback from your community as they visit a targeted location.
  • Shopping Behavior Diary Studies — examine the longitudinal shopping behaviors of your community members at a specific location.
  • Retail Competitor Studies — learn more about the locations of nearby competitors.
  • Events — gain invaluable insight about one-time events occurring at a specific time and place.
  • Location-based Segmentation — create member segments and provide deeper engagement for members who have checked into locations.

Fuel Cycle Geolocation Mobile Phone View


Capture real-time insights from your community

  • Identify drivers of foot traffic.
  • Uncover in-store behavior.
  • Pinpoint key moments in the shopper experience

How it Works

Geolocation activities require that community members “check-in” at designated locations before participating. The activity will include a call to action and instruct the member where to visit and how to participate.

Creating an activity with geolocation is easy:

  • Upload a list of locations to the Fuel Cycle Platform
  • Create a new research activity
  • Capture in-the-moment customer feedback
Updated on January 30, 2019

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