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FC Live: IDI

What is FC Live?

FC Live allows you to hold video in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups. IDIs and Focus Groups are a cornerstone of qualitative research and are ideally suited for detailed discussions exploring a variety of topics. New concepts and customer experiences are common topics. These interviews are often interactive, with a skilled interviewer responding to answers and probing for more detail (laddering). Detailed and rich data can be generated as a result, often with a deeper understanding of respondent’s motivations, beliefs, and tendencies.

This article will explain how to hold an FC Live IDI. This feature allows a moderator to talk to an individual member in a one-on-one session. This article will cover the Moderator view. For more information about the member view, click here.

Creating an FC Live Interview

There is a new sub-section under Activities for FC Live where you are able to create, edit and manage all of your FC Live options.

When creating an interview, the following fields must be completed:

  • FC Live Title: This is for moderation purposes only and is referenced in the admin anywhere you manage FC Live.
  • Research Description: This is for moderation purpose only, but is helpful for putting your research questions and goals for the Interview. This is also passed to Voxpopme when you send videos associated with the FC Live for transcription.
    • This field requires at least 50 characters.
  • Interview Type: This is where you specify if you want to hold an IDI or Focus Group.  When you select IDI, only one member can RSVP per time slot.
  • Session Duration Time: This displays to members so they are aware of the time commitment and can schedule accordingly. However, during the actual video session, the duration can be shorter or longer to allow flexibility based on the how the conversation goes.
  • Session Ended Title and Description: This will appear at the end of an interview and can serve as a thank you message after the session.


The next step is to create Sessions associated with the interview. These sessions will display to members and allow them to RSVP for a specific date and time.

  • You can optionally assign a session to a moderator. This is useful if you have multiple moderators running sessions so you can keep track of who is responsible for each session.
    • If a session is assigned to a moderator, it doesn’t prevent another moderator from running the live session.
    • The assigned moderator does not display to the member.
  • Sessions can be Public or Private.
    • Public: The session will display to members in the activity and any member with access to the activity can RSVP for the session.
    • Private: The session will not display to members in the activity. Instead, you will need to manually assign a member to a private session time from the Upcoming Sessions tab.

Adding FC Live to an Activity


An activity must be created and have an FC Live interview added to it for it to display to members.

After creating an interview you are able to add an FC Live block in the activity description. Wherever the block is placed in the activity is where the member will reserve the session time on the actual activity page.

In the FC Live box, you can type in the name of an interview and it will auto-populate. The Block Title must be filled in (for internal reference only).

We recommend downloading the following PDF and adding it to your activity. It will tell the members what browsers we support and how to join when the session starts: FC Live: How to Join PDF for Members

FC Live: Interview Management

Under the FC Live tab, all interviews are listed in one place, so that you can view their status, create new interviews, and edit or archive existing interviews.

From the Actions dropdown, you can also export the RSVP list for each Interview. This will generate an Excel file that lists all session times and show the status of each including the username and email for each reserved time and the status after the session finished, such as if the session was completed or if the member didn’t show.

NOTE: The following details can be exported from FC Live Interview or from the Activity Export. In the export, you will be able to see the status of each member who signs up for a Focus Group session.

  • The Activity Export will include a sheet called “FC Live Sessions” and will list all members who signed up for a time. It will then show the following statuses based on if the member participated or not:
    • Completed: Member joined and participated in the focus group. If points are enabled for participation in FC Live, members with Completed status will receive points.
      • NOTE: The host moderator must click the “End Session” button to successfully end the session. Clicking “End Session” will save the recording, which will then be available in the Completed Sessions tab.
      • When the host moderator clicks the “Cancel Session” button, the video recording is not saved and the member participants can join another, future session. Cancelling a session is useful when a participants only joins briefly and wants to reschedule.
    • Cancelled: Member joins the session, but moderator ends up Cancelling it. The session is not saved when Cancelled and the member can reserve another time if any are available. This distinction as helpful because it means the member joined and other had technical issues or asked to reschedule. If the member never shows up or joins, the status will be User No Show (described below).
    • Maxed Out: Applies to Focus Group only. Member logged into community, but could not join the focus group because the room was at maximum capacity.
    • Locked Out: Applies to Focus Group only. Member logged into community, but could not join the focus group because the moderator locked the room.
    • Member Leaves Session: Member joined focus group, but left the session before the moderator locked the room
    • Mod Disconnected: Member was disconnected from the focus group by the moderator (should only be used when a member is acting inappropriately)
    • User No Show:
      • IDI: Mod starts the session, member never joins
      • Focus Group: Mod starts the session, member never logs in
        • This distinction is necessary because a member might not be able to join a Focus Group if the room is full or if the mod locks the room. The No Show status helps you know that the member never even attempted to show up.
    • Mod No Show: Member was assigned to a session, but Moderator never launched/started session.
    • Ignored: No member reserved the time slot, session was never started by mod (because no assigned participant)
  • TIP: The statuses above can be helpful if you want to manually allocate points to members who attempted to join, but were not able to because the maximum group size was reached.

FC Live: Upcoming Sessions

Under the Upcoming Sessions tab, you are able to assign user to a session, assign a moderator, download a calendar reminder and launch a chat.

You are able to manually assign an interview session to a user. An FC Live interview element can be added to multiple activities. To assign a session to a user, you’ll first select the activity and then type the member’s username. You cannot assign a user if they have reserved another session at the same time.

FC Live Notifications

Members and moderators will receive automated system email notifications to ensure users join at the correct times. The following notifications will be sent:

  • FC Live RSVP Confirmation: Sent to members after they reserve a time on the activity detail page. It includes the session date and time and a link to the activity detail page. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > FC Live RSVP Confirmation.
  • FC Live Manual Assignment: Sent to a member after being manually assigned by a moderator. It includes the session date and time and a link to the activity detail page. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > FC Live Manual Assignment.
  • FC Live Session Cancelled: Sent to a member after they cancel a session or if the moderator removes the member from the session. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > FC Live Manual Assignment.
  • FC Live Reminder (member): Sent to a member 60 minutes before the session start time. It includes the session start time details and a link to join the session. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > FC Live Reminder.
  • FC Live Reminder (moderator): Sent to a moderator 60 minutes before the session start time. It includes the username of the member participant, session start time details and a link to launch the session. You can customize the email messaging from Communication Center > System > FC Live Mod Reminder.

Running an FC Live Session


FC Live sessions are supported on the following browsers: Chrome version 72+ (video and screensharing), Firefox version 52+ (video and screensharing) and Safari version 11+ (video only; no screensharing). The best experience is using Chrome and is the recommended browser for sharing your screen during a session.


If you are joining from an office or other professional environment, audio and video might be blocked by an internal firewall. Work with your IT department to fix the issue by doing one of the following:

When it’s time to start a session, go to FC Live > Upcoming Sessions. You’ll see a button that says “Launch Chat.” Click the button to start the session. Video will begin recording immediately. The member can join when the start time is reached, not before, even if the host moderator has already started the session.

Below is what the moderator will see during a session:

During the session, the moderator can do the following:

Mute Yourself

  • The option to mute yourself is the small microphone icon that displays over your own video feed.
  • You can toggle between mute and unmute state by clicking that button.
  • By default, audio is enabled when you start a session.

Share Screen (button)

  • This option is useful if you want to share stimuli with the participant during the session.
  • Sharing your screen allows you to select an application, browser tab or entire desktop to share with the member.
  • The member will be able to see your screen as well as your video feed (video and audio).

    Screen sharing is only available on Chrome version 72+ or Firefox version 52+ browsers. The best experience is using Chrome and is the recommended browser for sharing your screen during a session.

Cancel Session (button)

  • Cancelling a session is sometimes helpful if the member isn’t able to join or if the member does join briefly but isn’t able to complete the full session.
  • When the session is cancelled, the video recording is ended and the member can reserve another session in the same FC Live Interview.
  • If the member joins for even a short time, the video recording will not be saved when the session is cancelled.
  • When the moderator joins, but the member does not show, the video will not be saved.

End Session (button)

  • Ending the session closes the video recording for both the mod and member. The member will be shown the End Session message and returned to the activity detail page when the session is ended.
  • The video recording is saved and will be available in the Completed Sessions tab after the session is ended.
  • NOTE: If you close the video session browser without clicking the End Session button, the video will continue recording.
    • You can return to the video session screen by clicking “Relaunch Chat” button from the Upcoming Sessions tab and continue with the session if the member is still in the video session.
    • If you don’t return to the session within 5 minutes, the recording will automatically end and be available in the Completed Sessions tab.
  • During a video session, if either the member or moderator is disconnected, the recording will continue and the disconnected user can return to the chat.
    • The member who was not disconnected will see a message notification about the disconnection and is asked to remain in the session until the user returns.


  • Notes are only visible to the host moderator. This area allows the host to take notes while talking with the participant.
  • Notes are saved and available to export after the session is over from the Completed sessions tab.

Mod Chat & Observers list

  • When at last one other moderator or client user joins as an Observer, the Mod Chat & Observers list module displays.
  • Only the host moderator and observers can see this module.
  • Mod Chat:
    • This is a real-time text chat that allows the observers to talk with the host mod during the session. This is useful if the observer wants to ask the host to probe the participants more about a particular topic and so forth.
    • Member participants can’t see the mod chat, nor do they know any other people are watching the session.
  • Observers list:
    • This tab shows the usernames of all moderators and clients that are joining or leaving the room in real-time, so that the host and other observers always know who is in the session at any give time.

Reassigning a Member

In some cases, a member may join, but needs to leave and wants to reschedule for another time. In this case, the host moderator should click the “Cancel Session” button, which will stop the recording without saving it. When this is done, the member can select another time or you can manually assign the member to another time.

If you mistakenly click the “End Session” button, the status will be Completed for that member. When the member has Completed status, they do not see an option to reserve another session.

As a moderator, you can manually reassign that member to another, future time if you would like in the Upcoming Session tab. The member will receive an email confirmation when they are assigned to a session and the process for participating will be the same for the member at that point.

Sharing Your Screen During a Session

To share your screen during a session, click the “Share Screen” button. You will be prompted with a few options:

  1. Select from Entire Screen, Application Window or Chrome tab

    1. NOTE: We recommend using Chrome for screensharing because it offers the best user experience.
    2. If you choose to use Firefox for screensharing, you cannot select an individual Firefox tab. Instead, you have to choose the entire Firefox browser to share. Whereas with Chrome, you can select to share only 1 tab.
    3. We do not recommend sharing your entire screen. When that is selected, the member will see the FC Live session window including the notes area and the Mod Chat if observers are in attendance.
  2. After selecting the application or browser tab you want to share, click the “Share” button and your screen will being sharing with the user.
    1. This is an example of how it will look to the member:
    2. The member will continue to see your video and hear your audio while also seeing your screen.
    3. If the participant is using the mobile app, the screen will display full screen in landscape mode so that the screen can be seen more clearly on the smaller screen. The mod video will not display to the member, but audio will still be on during the time.
      1. Once the screensharing is turned off, the mod video will be visible again in the mobile app.
  3. To Stop Sharing your Screen:
    1. When you are sharing your screen via Chrome, a small window will display at the bottom of your screen with a “Stop sharing” button.
      1. Simply click the button to stop sharing your screen. The view will return to the default IDI view for both the moderator and member.
    2. When you are sharing your screen via Firefox, you’ll see an icon blinking in red in the browser:
      1. First, click on the icon.
      2. A small window will then display indicating that “Share the Screen” is allowed temporarily.
      3. Click the “x” and your screen will stop being shared.

Viewing the Member’s Screen

The member can share their screen with the moderator during an IDI session. Please note, members cannot share their screen during a Focus Group session.

When the member is sharing their desktop screen:

  • The screen displays larger in the window and the member’s video feed adjusts to display smaller at that time.
    • The screen will continue to share until the member stops sharing.
    • The screen sharing is saved as a separate video track in the completed session. You can download the screen sharing video separately from the member’s camera video/audio track.

When the member is sharing their mobile screen:

  • The mobile screen replaces the member’s video.
  • NOTE: Video cannot be recorded while the member is sharing their mobile screen. This is a limitation with mobile device technology.
  • While the camera video is not recorded or shown during this time, the audio will continue to work.
  • The final video for mobile app participants is one video file that will switch between camera and screen sharing.

Joining as an Observer

Once a session has been started by the host moderator, any moderator or client user can go to Activities > FC Live > Upcoming Sessions and will see the “Join as Observer” button for any sessions in progress.

Once you click the button, you’ll see a nearly identical view as the host moderator with a few exceptions:

The observer participant cannot do any of the following:

  • Mute the mod or member
  • Disconnect the mod or member
  • See the host mod notes
  • Be seen or heard by the mod or member

The observer can only do the following:

  • Participate in the real-time Mod Chat (only the host mod and other observers can participate in the chat)
  • View the list of observers in the Observers tab. This is a real-time list that shows the username of observers that have joined or left the room.

You can download an instruction PDF for joining as an Observer here


If you are joining from an office or other professional environment, audio and video might be blocked by an internal firewall. Work with your IT department to fix the issue by doing one of the following:

FC Live: Completed Sessions

After the session is over, the video is available in the Completed Sessions tab.

Under the Completed Sessions tab you see all sessions where a video interview was recorded. This does not include the sessions that occurred without a recorded video.

This is section, you are able to:

  • Download the merged video or individual videos for each session, including a separate video for desktop sharing if enabled during the session.
  • Export the notes you took during the video session
  • Send the video to Voxpopme for transcription and analysis (only available if Voxpopme is enabled for the community)
  • Archive videos
Updated on December 18, 2019

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