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FC Live Member Experience

The member experience of reserving sessions and participating in FC Live sessions is as simple as a few clicks.

Reserving a Session

When the member is viewing an FC Live activity, they will see all available dates and times that have not been reserved by other members.

To reserve a session, the member simply selects a date and time. Once reserved, the member can download an event reminder for their calendar. In addition, an email confirmation will be sent to the member.

Members can cancel or change their reservation at any time.

Participating in a Session

Members will receive an email reminder 60 minutes before the session start time. This email will include a link to join the session. In addition, if the member goes to the activity page less than 60 minutes until the session begins, a countdown will display on the page.

The moderator is responsible for starting the recorded session. If the session time has been reached, but the moderator hasn’t started it, the member will see a message on the page telling them the moderator is about to start. As soon as the moderator begins the session, the member will see a Join Now button.

The actual FC Live session is a user-friendly video chat experience.

The moderator and member will have a conversation and when done, the member will see a custom Thank You message and be returned to the community.

Supported Devices and Browsers

FC Live is supported on the Fuel Cycle Android and iOS mobile apps and the following desktop browsers:

  • Chrome version 72+ (video and screensharing)
  • Firefox version 52+ (video and screensharing)
  • Safari version 11+ (video only; no screensharing).

The best experience is using the mobile app or Chrome if joining from a computer.

If a member accesses the FC Live activity from an unsupported browser, they can reserve a time, but will see messaging that tells them they cannot participate in the session on their current browser and the messaging will direct them to download the mobile app or use one of the supported desktop browsers.

We recommend downloading the following PDF and adding it to your activity. It will tell the members what browsers we support and how to join when the session starts: FC Live: How to Join PDF for Members


If a member is joining from an office or other professional environment, audio and video might be blocked by an internal firewall. Members should be asked to work with their IT department to fix the issue by doing one of the following:

Example of Desktop Experience


Member view during IDI session:

Member view during IDI when moderator is sharing screen:

Member view of Focus Group:

Member view of Focus Group when moderator is sharing screen:

Example of Mobile Experience

Updated on December 18, 2019

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