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FCX – Integration Features

Our fully integrated partners make it easy for you to rapidly field studies in Fuel Cycle.  This enables you to use leading insight tools directly in your Community.

Seamless Participation

Community members are automatically directed to the study to participate and then redirected back to the Fuel Cycle activity upon completion.  This provides one continuous and uninterrupted member experience.

Participation Tracking

Member participation with partner studies is automatically tracked by Fuel Cycle.  This makes it easy to reward members for participation in communities that leverage incentives.

Profile Points

Integrations include Fuel Cycle profile points to help with analysis and segmentation.

Integrated Management

You can view all of your studies directly within Fuel Cycle.  Easily navigate directly to the partner website from Fuel Cycle to edit a study or view any associated reporting results and analysis.  These links appear on the FCX Studies page under the Surveys section.  Learn more about Managing FCX Studies.


Updated on January 3, 2020

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