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Meta4 Insight taps into consumers deep-seated feelings and underlying motivations, resulting in emotionally resonant brand relationships. Discover compelling insights in concept testing, brand affect, customer experience, and ad testing.

Learn more about Meta4 Insight on the Fuel Cycle Exchange.

Enabling the Integration

You may request the integration directly within Fuel Cycle.  The request process follows the same steps for all Fuel Cycle partners.

Visit the Fuel Cycle Exchange listing with your community, select Meta4 Insight, and click on the Request More Info button appearing at the bottom of your screen. A Fuel Cycle representative will be in contact within 48 hours.

Your account manager will update you once Meta4 Insight is enabled on your community. You’ll also receive a Meta4 Insight website account to log in so that you can create studies and view results.

Using Meta4 Insight on Fuel Cycle

Creating a Study

Login to Meta4 Insight using your credentials. You can also login directly by clicking on a Report link (if you have existing studies that appear on the FCX Studies tab in Fuel Cycle).

Navigate to the ‘projects’ section (this should be the default page that first appears).  Click on the +Add a New Project button on the top left. This will open the project creation process. Fill out the fields as prompted and click the Save New Project button.  Next, click on the study to add/edit the study parameters.  Once your study is complete, save it and return to the Fuel Cycle platform.

Your welcome information will include information on which options to select for building a survey and the available options that will best serve to answer your research questions.


The Meta4 Insight website includes tooltips to help guide you on each step. Look for the green circle with an ‘i’ throughout the Meta4 Insight platform.

Adding a Study to Activity

Adding a Meta4 Insight study to a Fuel Cycle activity follows the same steps as other FCX partner studies.

Instructions are available in the Activity Creation section.

Analyzing a Study

You can easily view the results any time by returning to the FCX Studies tab in the Surveys section, and click on the Report link. This will take you directly to the study on the Meta4 Insights platform.

Once there, you can visit the Meta4 Insights Visualytics and Data Download sections to view your study results (using the navigation buttons on the left).

Integration Features

Seamless Participation

Community members are automatically directed to the study to participate and then redirected back to the Fuel Cycle activity upon completion.  This provides one continuous and uninterrupted member experience.

Participation Tracking

Member participation with partner studies is automatically tracked by Fuel Cycle.  This makes it easy to reward members for participation in communities that leverage incentives.

Profile Points

This integration includes Fuel Cycle profile points in the data downloads. The available profile point fields will append columns, similarly to how they appear in Fuel Cycle member export files.

Integrated Management

You can view all of your studies directly within Fuel Cycle.  Easily navigate directly to the partner website from Fuel Cycle to Edit a study or view the Report results and analysis.  These links appear on the FCX Studies page under the Surveys section.  Learn more about Managing FCX Studies.

Additional Information

Service and Usage

The services agreement will define usage limits, whether it’s a single project or a bundle of projects.



Updated on August 30, 2019

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