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Fuel Cycle Base Survey: Primary Method for Creating Surveys

The Fuel Cycle community platform and Qualtrics are two different systems, but Qualtrics is integrated into Fuel Cycle to make data collection seamless and fast.

Qualtrics surveys in Fuel Cycle require redirect links and are embedded to ensure that the survey experience is consistent with the overall community member experience and that data is captured properly.

In order to minimize the setup required with each survey in Fuel Cycle, your Fuel Cycle support team has loaded two survey templates into your Qualtrics account for standard surveys in Fuel Cycle and recruitment surveys.

FUEL Base Survey

The standard survey is labeled “FUEL Base Survey.” The FUEL Base Survey has one metadata question pre-loaded (the metadata question captures browser type, device type, etc.).

In order to author a new survey, follow these few simple steps:

  • Navigate to Qualtrics in Fuel Cycle (Surveys > Launch Qualtrics (button) > My Projects)
  • Locate the survey named “FUEL Base Survey”

Qualtrics Base - start

  • Select the arrow on the far right of the box, and then select Copy Project in the menu options that pop-up.

Qualtrics Base - Copy

  • Rename the survey

Qualtrics Base - Copy Project

  • Begin authoring the survey

The only downside to using this method is that you cannot import surveys from a Qualtrics survey file (.qsf file extension). If you need to use an imported survey, you will need to follow the survey import method listed here.

You do need to import the survey into Fuel Cycle. Follow these instructions to launch your survey:

  • When the survey is ready to distribute, click the “Distributions” tab.

Qualtrics Base - Distribution

  • Then, click “Web” and “Use Anonymous Link”

Qualtrics Base - Distributions 2

  • Copy the URL provided by Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Base - Anonymous Link

  • Scroll to the top of the page and paste the URL into the text field and click “Preview Survey.”

Qualtrics Base - Preview

  • You will be taken through a preview of your survey. You must complete the survey, but the answers will not be saved.
  • Once you submit the survey preview, Fuel Cycle will check to make sure all the redirects are properly set up.

If the survey is set up properly, you’ll be taken to a page with an “Import Survey” button. Click the button and the survey will be imported to Fuel Cycle and is ready to be attached to content.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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