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Fuel Cycle Email Composer: Inserting and Editing Images

Inserting an Image

Once you have an image block inserted into your template, click on the image to see more options display in the right column. To insert an image, click the “Change Image” button.

Email Composer - Change Image

You will now be in the File Manager for your community.

Email Composer - Search for photos

  • Upload: Use this option to upload an image from your computer. Once the file is uploaded it will display in the file list below at the top. Click the image name to insert it into the email template. You’ll be returned to the email composer’s view with the image inserted and resized appropriately to the template.
  • Import: If you have files being shared from Dropbox, Google Drive and other popular services, you can choose to connect to those services to quickly import files into this email file manager. This is especially helpful the client provides files from one of the available services.
  • Search Free Photos: This exciting new feature allows you to select from over 500,000 stock photos available to use for no extra charge. Simply start by searching for images by keyword.Email Composer - Image search
    • Once you find an image, hover over it and click the Import button to add it to the File Manager.Email Composer - Import image

Once your file is uploaded or imported, hover over the image in the file manager to see a few options.

Email Composer - Insert saved image

  • You can click the file name to insert the image quickly into your email.
  • You can also click the “+” icon on the right to insert the image.
  • If you want to view a large preview of the image, click the middle icon on the right.
  • If you decide you don’t want the image in the file manager, click the trash icon to delete it.

As you add more images to your File Manager, you can keep the file manager organized by creating folders. Click on the folder icon in the upper right corner to create a folder and then move files into folders. This optional, but a helpful feature for organizing your files over time.

After you insert the image, you’ll be returned to the email composer with the image added to the template and resized to fit into the template.

Email Composer - Image reposition

Editing Images

The email composer comes with an image editor with a number of options. To launch the image editor, click the image in the email template and then click the “Edit Image” button in the right column.

Email Composer - Edit Image

You’ll now be in the image editor where you’ll see the options along the top.

Email Composer - Edit Image 2

From here, you can enable a filter, add a frame, add text over the image, crop and more. When done editing the image, click the “Save” button to exit out of the editor and return to the email composer where the image will be updated based on the changes you made.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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