Gamification Module

When gamification is enabled, a “Gamification” menu option will be available on the left-hand taskbar.  There are four tabs on the gamification tab: Settings, Rewards, Redemptions, and Quests.

Settings: Setup and activate Actions & Points and Rewards

  • Gamification Delay: How many days the member has to wait between performing an action and getting rewarded for it. By setting a delay, the moderator will have the ability to deny the eligibility of an action if the quality of engagement was subpar. When set to 0 days, members will immediately be rewarded points for their engagement.
  • Activate actions & points: When turned on, the “Points” section will be displayed in member’s gamification center.
  • Activate rewards: When turned on, members will be able to see the available awards that are available to them. You can create and import rewards in the ‘Rewards” tab.

Rewards: Displays the reward options available in the community catalog that are available to community members.  You can also get a high-level overview how much of a specific reward has been redeemed, and how much is left available.

Moderators are now able to control which static and dynamic groups are able to access and redeem certain rewards. For more information, click here.

  • Giftbit Rewards Catalog button: Displays all of the reward options available in Giftbit. Click on the import button to the right to import the reward into the community catalog.
  • Internal Reward Catalog (trophy button): Allows you to create an internal reward (not through Giftbit) to add to your community catalog. There are three reward types:
    • Gift Card: A custom gift card that can be redeemed online, as a code.
    • Goods: A physical reward that needs to be mailed. For example brand t-shirts or water bottles.
    • Bonus Points: Points that are added to a member’s point balance.
  • Reward redemption type: The action that must be achieved before the reward is unlocked. There are four options:
    • Points: The reward unlocks when the member has earned enough points.
    • Quest Giveaway: The reward unlocks when the member successfully completes a quest.
    • Quest Raffle: The reward unlocks when the member enters a raffle and wins it.
    • Quest Leaderboard: The reward unlocks only to members who have earned the most points in the quest.

Redemptions: Shows which rewards have been redeemed by community members.

Redemption Exports: 

To access this function, select the export button pictured below:

This function operates similarly to a Member Export and will produce a downloadable Excel file.

You are able to incorporate the following information into your Redemption Export:

  • Specific Date Range
  • User Account Fields
  • P2 Engine Profile Points
  • Polls & Survey Questions

If you select the Edit button (highlighted below) you will be able to edit the reward status for multiple users at one time, rather than doing it manually:

After selecting the Edit button, you will be prompted to choose the status updates you wish to make:

Quests: Allows you to set up a collection of actions, connected with logic, offering one or more rewards for a successful completion.

Updated on January 22, 2020

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