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Gamification Reward Grouping

Gamification reward grouping is the ability for moderators to control which member groups are able to access and redeem a community reward.

With gamification reward grouping:

  • Moderators are able to indicate which static or dynamic groups are able to redeem a specific reward
    • This applies to both internal and Giftbit rewards
    • Moderators are able to select from all static and dynamic groups available in a community
  • Moderators are able to view which groups are able to redeem a reward from the gamification rewards listing page
    • A column has been added that lists which member groups are able to view and redeem a given reward
  • Moderators are able to filter the gamification rewards listing page by a specific group
    • There is now a filter option on the rewards page that allows you to filter rewards based on a single static/dynamic group
  • Members are only able to see the rewards that they are eligible to redeem wherever they access the community (Desktop browser, mobile browser, or Fuel Cycle mobile app)



Reward Statuses:

  • Visibility Status: This is a required setting that determines whether or not a reward is visible in the community catalog. The “hidden” visibility status allows you to save a draft of the reward before publishing. It also allows for rewards to be hidden from members after it has been published for a set amount of time.
  • Availability Status: This setting indicates whether or not a reward can be redeemed. If the status is set to “Locked”, members are able to view the reward, but will not be able to use their points to redeem that reward.
Updated on January 2, 2019

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