This new feature is available for activities or member forums.

Member Experience

Geolocation activities can only be unlocked with the Fuel Cycle mobile app.

When a member is viewing locked activities either on the mobile app or desktop/browser, a customizable message will display prompting the user to visit the location and check-in with the app.

There are two options available for unlocking geolocation activities:

  1. You can choose to have the member’s location verified automatically when they open the app. When this method is used, all activities locked by the member’s location will automatically unlock when the member opens the app (no check-in button required). The member will see new notifications when they unlock activities notifying them that they have new activities they unlocked.
  2. Alternately, you can choose to display a check-in button on the activity detail page. When this method is used, the member will need to click the button to verify their location before the activity is unlocked.

Geolocation - Activity Locked

Example of “locked” message in the desktop version of the community.

Geolocation - Check in

Example of a check-in screen on the mobile app.

When the member clicks the check-in button, the location is verified.

Geolocation - Loading

Example of a check-in screen when location is being verified.

When the member’s location is verified, the content unlocks for the member, allowing them to view the content and participate in any attached surveys or discussions.

Geolocation - Success

Example of unlocked content in the mobile app.

After the content is unlocked, the member can access it from either the mobile app or desktop/browser version of the community.