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Giftbit – Easy Reward Redemption

Giftbit is a fast and easy way to offer, track and distribute digital gift card rewards to your community members!

Fuel Cycle seamlessly integrates with Giftbit to allow you to easily track and offer digital gift card rewards to community members from the Gamification module.

Points can be used to redeem different gift card rewards from a large variety of brands including:

 How does Giftbit work for members?

  1.  As community members participate in activities throughout the community, they will earn points that they can use to redeem rewards.
  2. Community members can click on “My Points” in the community home-page:Giftbit - Points
  3. The splash page will detail how many points the community member has earned at that time.  Further information related to points can be provided within the community settings:
    Giftbit - Point Balance
  4. Members will be able to view and select their reward from all the gift cards that are available for redemption.  Community moderators can customize which specific gift card rewards are available for members to redeem.  A lock icon indicates that they do not have enough points to redeem that specific gift card:Giftbit - cards
  5. After selecting a reward, community members can click “REQUEST REWARD(S)” to redeem that gift card:Giftbit - request
  6. The community member will receive an email message from their Fuel Cycle community.  The subject line can be customized by community moderators.  The Fuel Cycle system keeps track of the overall status of Giftbit Reward Redemption emails in the Gamification module under the Redemptions tab.  The email will contain a Redemption Link that members can access:Giftbit - Redemption Link
  7. The community member will be redirected to the GiftBit site where the gift code can be redeemed by clicking “Show my gift code” button:Giftbit - show my code
    Community members can re-access their gift code by referring back to their original gift email from their Fuel Cycle community.

Fuel Cycle also supports the ability to provide coupon incentives through the Giftbit integration.

Please feel free to refer to Giftbit Support for access to further help and FAQ’s.

Updated on June 15, 2018

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