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How does Fuel Cycle Ignition work?

How does Fuel Cycle Ignition work?

Fuel Cycle Ignition is a research automation suite that supports pre-defined best-in-class research methodologies or custom research methods provided by clients. 

Get started with an Ignition study in 6 simple steps:

  1. Select a pre-defined or custom methodology to get started.
  2. Indicate your desired audience for the Ignition study.
    1. Community – launch your Ignition project to an existing audience in your Fuel Cycle community.
    2. Fuel Cycle Panels – request a custom audience for your Ignition project.
  3. Use the automation workflow to customize your Ignition project with custom text, image and video parameters.
  4. Review and submit your project request to Fuel Cycle.  A Fuel Cycle representative will follow-up with you in order to:
    1. put the finishing touches on your requested project
    2. finalize the details of your requested panel audience
    3. provide a final cost for your study
  5. After your Ignition project is reviewed and finalized, it can be launched to your designated community or panel audience.  Your Ignition project template will be saved in the Ignition platform and made available for future studies.
  6. Review your Ignition project results in real-time through Fuel Cycle Quantitative Reporting or via a shareable, live reporting link.
Updated on March 20, 2020

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