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How to Create an Internal Reward

This article will show you step-by-step how to create an internal reward

To access this feature, select “Gamification” from the side menu and select the “Rewards” tab.

Select the trophy icon to create a new internal reward (see below):

In order to create the reward you will need to fill out the following fields:

Reward Type:

  • Giftcard: A reward that can be redeemed online, as a code.
  • Goods: A reward that needs to be mailed, like t-shirt or a water bottle.
  • Bonus Points: A reward consisting of a number of points being added to member’s points balance.

Reward Redemption Type (how the reward is unlocked and redeemed):

  • Points: The reward unlocks when the member has enough points.
  • Quest Giveaway: The reward unlocks when the member successfully completes a quest.
  • Quest Raffle: The reward unlocks when the member enters a raffle and wins it.
  • Quest Leaderboard: The reward unlocks if the member has earned enough points.

Reward Name: This will appear on both the member and moderator side of the community

Reward Description: This is visible only in the community catalog and does not appear on the moderator side.

Reward Image: This will appear in the community catalog

  • Image needs to be 180 x 180 pixels

Reward Currency Type: Defaults to dollars; option to change to foreign currencies

  • For reward type Giftcard or Goods, the $ value is optional.
  • For reward type Bonus Points, the points value is required.

Reward Cost (Points): This field indicates what it will cost a member to redeem the reward

  • If the redemption type is Quest, or the reward type is Bonus Points, usually there is no cost associated with the redemption.
  • If the redemption type is Points, or the reward type is Giftcards or Goods, the member should be charged a point value for each redemption.

Maximum Quantity Per Member: The field indicates the maximum number of times a member can redeem this reward.

Rewards Available: This indicates the number of rewards currently available. You can increase or decrease the available quantity after the reward has been created.

Notify for Quantity Below: An email warning will be when the remaining reward count is less then or equal to minimum quantity that you choose. This email with the subject “Gamification” needs to be setup in Community Settings -> Labels -> Contact Moderator Fields section.

Visibility Status: This field affects the reward visibility in the community catalog. You can choose to list the Visibility Status as either “Visible” or “Hidden”.

Availability Status: This field affects the reward redeemability in the community catalog. You can choose to list the Availability Status as either “Redeemable” or “Locked”.

Access Type: You may choose to have a reward available to the entire community or to specific groups only. For more information on Gamification Reward Grouping, click here.

Expiration Date: At the specified date, the reward will automatically hide from the community rewards catalog. If this field is left empty, the reward will not expire.


Updated on January 24, 2020

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