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Launching a 3rd Party Panel Project in Alchemer

This article will take you through the steps for a successful launch of a 3rd party panel project in Alchemer.

When launching an ad-hoc panel project redirects will need to be implemented into the survey build from a third party panel provider. You will need to work with the panel provider to get their redirect links for Complete, Term, and Over Quota.

Ask your vendor for their specific redirects and ensure that their unique ID is captured (e.g. [url(“rid”)]) and is inserted after the unique ID in the redirect URL.

Final Steps Before Publishing

Step One: Creating a Hidden Value

Once your survey is finished being programmed, you must add a “Hidden Value” at the very beginning of your survey – this lets the survey know what value will signal the unique ID of the respondent to enable tracking of survey completes, terms, and over quotas. 

In the “Build” section of your survey, scroll to the bottom of your first page and select:  Add New Action

 This will open a small window with a list of actions to add. From the list select: Hidden Value (shown below):  

Next, the “edit action” page will pop up:

The information you enter here will depend on the vendor. For example, if the redirect looks like this: www.examplevendor.com/clientcallback/?ris=20&ID=[url(“rid”)] , you would enter the below text in the associated fields shown below and save the action:

  • Name: RID 
  • Populate with the following: [url(“rid”)] 
  • Populate with a calculated value: Select [none] from the dropdown menu.  

The action will likely be saved at the bottom of the first page of your survey. So, after you save the action, use the “Move” tool to move the action to the top of the first page of your survey (see below):  

Step Two: Add Redirect Links to All Term Points in the Survey

In any skip/disqualify actions you have programmed into the survey, you’ll need to add the “Term” redirect from the vendor:  

When you select “Edit,” a window will pop up in which you’ll be able to insert the redirect URL into the designated field shown below:  

  • Select the “external URL” box and enter the Term redirect link from the vendor
  • Make sure the response is set to mark as “disqualified” and save the action.  
  • Repeat the above instructions for every “skip/disqualify” action in the survey.  

Step Three: Adding the Complete Redirect URL

Users who complete the survey will be sent to this link so that we can track our progress during fielding.

The URL Redirect Action will be added at the end of the final page of your survey.  

  • At the end of the last page of your survey select “Add New Action”.


When the window of action options pops up, select the “+Add” button on the URL Redirect option:


You’ll be taken to the below screen where you will enter the following:

  • Name: Complete Redirect
  • Disqualify Respondent: No
  • URL: Enter the Complete redirect URL from the vendor


Scroll down to the “Fields To Pass” section and populate the fields with the below:

  • URL Variable: Enter the variable name from the vendor, such as rid
  • Variable Name: Enter the variable name from the vendor, such as rid

The final action should appear like the below:  


To ensure that the complete redirect fires properly, ensure that the very last question of your survey is on its own page and the redirect action is by itself on its own page (the last page).  

Final Steps:

Share the survey link with the Fuel Cycle team for testing and launch.  

Updated on October 5, 2021

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