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Launching a 3rd Party Panel Project in Qualtrics

This article will take you through the steps for a successful launch of a 3rd party panel project in Qualtrics.

When launching an ad-hoc panel project, redirects will need to be implemented into the survey build from the 3rd party panel provider. You will need to work with the panel provider to get their redirect links for Complete, Term, and Over Quota.

Ask your vendor for their specific redirects and ensure that their unique ID is captured (e.g ${e://field/rid}) and is inserted after the unique ID in the redirect URL.

Final Steps Before Publishing

Step One: Creating an Embedded Data Field 

Once your survey is finished being programmed, you must add an “Embedded Data” field at the very beginning of your survey – this lets the survey know what value will signal the unique ID of the respondent to enable tracking of survey completes, terms, and over quotas.

Open your survey and click the “Survey Flow” button on the top navigation bar.  


Here you’ll need to add a new element to the very beginning of your survey. The element should be an “Embedded Data” field.   


Enter “rid” in all lowercase letters into the text box as appeared below:  

Once entered, use the “Move” button to drag and drop this field to the very top of the survey:

Step Two: Add Redirect Links to All Term Points in the Survey

In any termination/disqualify points you have programmed into the survey, you’ll need to add the “term” redirect given at the beginning of this document.  

In the “End of Survey” block, click into the Survey Termination Options section (see below):

The link you enter here will depend on the vendor.

For example, your redirect link could look like this:  https://notch.insights.supply/cb?token=262c1891-f4fc-4bab-976a-e9afb2ab4555&rid=[url(“rid”)]

Save the changes and repeat this action in all other term points in your survey.  

Step Three: Adding the Complete Redirect URL

Users who complete the survey will be sent to this link so that when we field we can track our progress.  

At the very last page of your survey you’ll want to add a new “End of Survey” element.  

Click the customize action to open the customization field.  

Make sure “Override Survey Options” and “Redirect to a URL” are both selected and enter the complete redirect link provided by your vendor; ex: https://notch.insights.supply/cb?token=262c1891-f4fc-4bab-976a-e9afb2ab4555&RID=$%7be://field/rid%7d 

Click “OK” to save this action and save the survey flow.   

Final Steps:  

Share the survey link with the Fuel Cycle team for testing and launch.  


Updated on June 4, 2020

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