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Voxpopme – Managing Video Projects

When Fuel Cycle activities, forums or diary studies are enabled with Voxpopme Video Analysis, you can access your video analysis projects from the “Video Analysis” tab of the Activities section.

In this view, you can see basic details about your projects:

  • Total number of videos approved — the number of videos that have passed the initial verification process.
  • Videos declined — the number of videos that failed the initial verification process.  These do not count towards the maximum videos allowed in the project.
  • Videos in queue — the number of videos submitted to Voxpopme, but have not yet gone through verification.
  • Total videos submitted –this is the total number of videos submitted to the activity.
  • Increase Video Count — this allows you to add more videos to a project
    • Note, if you have a maximum count of 50 and there are 300 total videos submitted, only the first 50 videos that were submitted to the activity & passed verification were sent to Voxpopme. You can use the “Increase video count” option to increase the Max Videos Allowed to 300 and the 250 videos that didn’t get passed to Voxpopme originally will get passed over when the count increases.

To view reports, analytics and transcriptions for your project, simply click the project name from this screen. You will be launched directly to the project landing page inside Voxpopme.

Updated on January 3, 2020

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