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Adding Marvel Prototypes to Activities

Marvel (marvelapp.com) is a tool that provides faster usability testing through prototyping and collaboration. You can create prototypes of web pages and mobile apps that feel and behave like a real website or app. These prototypes can be displayed inside Fuel Cycle activities to receive real-time feedback on your designs.

To embed a Marvel prototype, follow the instructions below:

  1. From Marvel, click the “Share” option for the prototype that you want to embed into Fuel Cycle.Marvel - Share
  2. Copy the link from this screen:
    Marvel - Shareable link
  3. Now, login to Fuel Cycle and create or edit an activity. In the Description tab, select File, then Embed and paste the Marvel URL into the field and click the Add button.
    Marvel - Description
  4. In the next screen, give the block a title for moderation purposes and you can add a caption. Then save.Marvel - Block
  5. The file block with the Marvel prototype is now embedded into the activity and will display responsively on desktop or mobile.
  6. Community members can then click through your prototypes and comment within a Fuel Cycle discussion.
Updated on January 2, 2020

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