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Member Experience – Points & Rewards Page

Fuel Cycle community members have the ability to earn and redeem points for different internal rewards and/or electronic gift cards.  Members can access the Points page from the home page of the community.


The Overview page displays how many points the member has earned through his or her participation in the community.  Available points can be used to redeem any gift cards in the “Available Rewards” section.

Points History

The Points History page provides a detailed transactional history of all the points that a member has earned over time.

Point Total Balances

  • All Time – all points earned over time
  • Available – points that can be used to redeem rewards
  • Pending – points that are subject to a review period before becoming available for redemption by the member
Pending Points

Members’ point balances may be subject to a review period before they are made available to them. You can control this point review period by visiting “Gamification” >> “Days to review gamification eligibility”.

Point History Columns

  • Action – a point-earning action that a member has performed.
  • Status – the status of the points that the member earned through an action.
    • Pending – Pending points are points that are subject to a review period before the member can use them to redeem rewards.
    • Complete – Complete points are points that are available to the member for redeeming rewards.
    • Denied – Denied points are points that have been reviewed and denied for failing to meet community standards.  Denied points cannot be used to redeem rewards.
  • Date – when the point-earning action was performed by the member.
  • Points – points that are pending, complete, or denied for that specific point-eligible action.

Furthermore, a member can click into any “Action” to receive more information about that point-earning action.

Rewards History

The Rewards History page provides a historical breakdown of the different rewards that a member has redeemed over time.

Mailing Address

Members may provide their physical residential address in this section in order to receive certain community rewards that may need to be shipped.

Updated on February 28, 2020

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