Member Exports

To generate a member export, go to the “Members” section on the left-hand admin panel and find the export button located near the top of the page.

Member Exports - main page

1. You are now in the Create Member Export page and can enable a few options before generating the export.

2. Export Name — this is for community management purposes only; no members will see the name of the export.

3. Filters — by default, all members are included in the export, but can be filtered using the following options:

  • User Type (member, client, moderator)
  • Member Status (active, inactive, closed, deleted).
  • Activation Status (activated, pending)
  • Access Type (full access, read-only)
  • Account Type (Only Test Accounts, Exclude Test Accounts)
  • Date Range: When date range is selected, only members that have joined during the date range will be included in the export.

4. Group Membership — use Group Membership to generate member exports that only include members of selected static/dynamic groups or member exports that indicate whether or not members are a part of the static/dynamic groups selected.

  • Use the checkbox “Only include members in the group(s) selected.” so that your export only contains members that are at least included in one of the groups you selected.
  • If groups are included in the Group Membership section, the member export will now contain additional columns with your selected groups, and TRUE/FALSE values will indicate whether or not the individual member is included in the group.
Member Exports default to ALL members

As a default, member exports always default to include ALL members in your community based on the filters you select. Adding groups to the Group Membership section allows you to generate exports that are filtered to the groups you indicate.


With Banners functionality, you have the option to include all or some profile data and any survey questions previously answered by members.

4. Expand all questions, choices and answers in separate columns

  • When selected, all enabled profile points, polls or survey questions will be separated out so that each answer or choice is listed in its own column

5. Profile Points

  • You can choose any profile point to include in the export. Simply type in the name of the profile point question and matches will display as you type. Select the profile point to add it to the export.
  • Optional: select “Include all Profile Points” to include ALL enabled profile points.

6. Polls

  • You can choose any poll. Simply type in the name of the poll question and matches will display as you type. Select the poll to add it to the export.

7. Survey Questions

  • You can choose any question from any survey used in the community.
  • First, type in the survey name in the first field. As you type, matching survey names will display. Select the survey you want to use.
  • Then, type in the question name in the next field. As you type, matching questions will display. Select the question you want to include in the export
  • Note: if surveys or survey questions do not load, please check your internet connection. Slow connections may not load the questions quickly.

8. Profile Photos

  • Includes all profile photos. When enabled, you can export all profile photos as a link or attachment.
  • When attachment is selected, all original image files will be included in the export. These exports may take some time depending on the volume or size of the image files.

9. Include all deleted items

  • Select this option to include deleted accounts in the export.

10. Select the “Request Export” button.

  • You do not need to stay on the page while content prepares for download.

11. Downloading Files

  • You will no be taken to the Exports section on the lefthand admin panel. The status will display “Requested” at first. Once the export is ready for download, the status will be “Completed” and a “Download” link will be available.
  • Click the download link to download the export.

Member Exports - Download

Troubleshooting Missing Profile Data

There are may reason why you might notice missing profile data. Please refer to this article for tips on how to fix missing profile data: Troubleshooting Profile Maps


Updated on December 18, 2019

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