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Member Test Accounts

Test accounts are useful for participating in activities as a member without having your responses impact your data.  This can be helpful for testing and verifying new activities.  This capability also makes it easy to isolate your test accounts in exports, surveys, and FCX integrations, and even exclude them altogether.

Configuring a Test Account

Adding a member test account is easy. First, navigate to Members > Manage Members (or click the Manage Members quick button in the top right corner of your moderator dashboard). This is where you can create a new member account that you can use for testing.

To create a new Test Member, click the New Member icon.

Fill out the preferred username, password and email address you would like to associate with the Test Member account. Then click Create Member.

Then, to designate an account as a ‘Test Member’, click on the member account name to access the account settings. Select the ‘Test Account’ option below the Member Type.  Finally, click on the ‘Update Info’ button to save this setting. The account will now be flagged as a test account.

You can also select an existing member account you use for testing currently and mark it as a Test Member by locating the account and following the second step above. Once you’ve designated the test account, you can log in and participate in activities with this account just like members.


Only Member and Client account types can be designated as a Test Member.  The Moderator account type may not carry this designation.

Working with Test Accounts

The Test Member flag makes it easy to quickly isolate these members in your data.  You can include, exclude, and filter these test members from exports and survey reports.


You can choose to include or exclude test members from your exports.  When selecting the parameters on a new export, click the Account Type box and choose your preferred option:

  • Only Test Accounts will include only test members in the export
  • Exclude Test Accounts will remove these members in the export

Helpful Tip

When test members are included in your export, a Test Member column will appear in your report.  When viewed in tools like Excel, you can easily filter on True or False to display these members in view.

Survey Reports

Test Members are flagged in Qualtrics, Alchemer, and supported FCX add-ins so you can filter data as you see fit within these tools.  The test member flag is passed as a variable in these reports.

Updated on October 5, 2021

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