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Moderator Account Creation and Account Closing

Moderator Account vs. Member Moderator Account
  • When a moderator account is created in Moderator Management, two accounts are created in association with that user.
    • One is the Moderator account that allows the user to login to the admin side of the platform and have full access to create activities, manage users, etc.
    • The other is a Member Moderator account, which is used to login and interact inside the member community.
Member Moderator Account explained:
  • The Member Moderator account will automatically have the same password as the Moderator account, but you can change the Member Moderator password to be different if you choose.
  • When you click the Launch Community button from admin, you are able to select your own Member Moderator account or another one.
    • NOTE: You are actually logging in with the Member Moderator account
  • Why are there 2 accounts for a user?
    • Some communities prefer that one moderator account be used when interacting with members.
    • In the past, when a moderator left the company or was no longer working on an account, the moderator account and password were shared with the new moderator who was essentially impersonating the old mod.
      • This was clearly a security issue and passwords should never be shared, even internally.
    • By having a Member Moderator account that is separate from the Moderator account, you can close the Moderator account and keep the Member Moderator account open.
      • This allows any mod in the community to login as the original moderator in the community and members feel they are talking to the same moderator.
Closing a Moderator Account:
  • When you close a moderator account in Moderator Management, it closes the account that allows the user to login to the admin side of the platform.
    • NOTE: The Member Moderator account is not closed at the same time.
      • The reason for this is so that moderators can continue to login to the community with that member moderator account to impersonate the mod.
  • You should change the password of the associated Member Moderator account after closing the Moderator account.
    • NOTE: If you don’t change the password, the user can continue to login to the member community.
    • After changing the password, that user will no longer have access to the member community.
  • If you do not need the Member Moderator account to continue to be active after closing the Moderator account, you must go to Member Management and close the associated Member Moderator account for the user.
Updated on June 4, 2020

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