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Moderator Message

The moderator message is a great tool for highlighting new content in the community or calling out specific activities. The moderator message appears as a pop-up in the upper right of the page after a member logs in.

Once the user closes the window, they will not see it again, until you edit and save a new message.

Moderator Message

You can edit the moderator message through the Activities tab (Activities > Featured & Sorting > Moderator Message).

Steps for Adding a Moderator Message

  1. Select the moderator from the drop down menu
  2. Add a title for the moderator message
  3. Add your message
  4. Save Changes
Pro Tip

Deep link to content – like a specific discussion or a topic – using the moderator message. Just use the URL insertion tool in the “Description Box”

Edit Moderator Message


Updated on June 4, 2020

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