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Overview: Gamification and Rewards

Fuel Cycle communities natively support four primary types of reward programs — all of which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other:

  • Points: Points are designed to build toward a reward. For instance, a community manager could make a series of activities worth 10 points each.
    • Example: The community member can “cash out” for a $5 iTunes gift card worth 50 points or a $20 Applebee’s gift card worth 200 points after participating in sufficient activities.
  • Note: In the Actions & Points Tab of Community Settings tab you are able to assign points values for the following actions:
    • For a user activating their account
    • For a user uploading a profile photo
  • Giveaways: An action in the community is directly tied to a reward.
    • Example: A member could upload a profile photo for a $ Amazon gift card or take a survey to earn a brand T-shirt.
  • Raffles: An action in the community signs a member up for a raffle for a chance of winning a reward.
    • Example: A member participates in a discussion which signs them up for a chance to win a trip sponsored by a brand.
  • Quests: Quests combine multiple activities that culminate in a reward for members. There are three types of quests:
      1. Giveaway: Upon Quest completion, one or more rewards are unlocked for the member.
      2. Raffle: Upon Quest completion, the member will be automatically entered into a raffle. If the member wins the raffle, one or more rewards will unlock for the member.
      3. Leaderboard: Upon Quest completion, one or more rewards will unlock for top scoring members.
    • Example: A member participates in a discussion, a survey, and uploads a photo to an album to unlock a gift card.
Updated on January 24, 2020

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