Panels Overview

Fuel Cycle Panels enable you to explore insights beyond your  Fuel Cycle  Community through a massive gen-pop audience.

Your Fuel Cycle Community is the most efficient way to generate insights across a variety of research needs, from product development to ad testing and more. However, some specific research methodologies require a broader sampling frame.

Only Fuel Cycle enables high-performing enterprises to quickly capture data through Community and Panels — together, they’re better.

This add-on capability is ideal for market sizing, benchmarking, and  other ad-hoc studies that require a non-community audience.

Clients can access Panels by simply logging into the Fuel Cycle platform, selecting Panels from the top navigation bar, and filling out a simple form outlining project needs.

The form requires the following information:

  • Project Name
  • Main Contact Details
  • Audience: Consumer or B2B, country or countries you want to target and a description of the type of audience (age, gender, qualifications, quotas)
  • Sample Size
  • Field Days
  • Estimated LOI (if known)
  • Incidence Rate (if known)

Once the form is submitted, a Fuel Cycle representative will contact will be in touch within a few business hours to confirm the panel criteria, give a cost estimate and provide other details about the panel.

Updated on April 18, 2019

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