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Publishing Options

Once you publish a piece of content, there are some ‘Actions’ that you can take on the moderator side.  The ‘Actions’ menu appears to the right of every piece of content you publish in the Activities section.

  • Export: This allows you to export your content as an Excel file. Please refer to the Activity Exports article for more information.
  • Archive: Archiving content allows you to keep a piece of content open however, it displays to community members in a ‘Read-Only’ format. Community members will not be able to take the survey associated with the archived content or post comments, however, they will be able to see all past comments and attachments that were made prior to the content being archived. Moderators typically archive content so community members can reference past discussions and comments.
    Pro Tip

    Create an ‘Archived Content’ Topic. Once you archive a piece of content, hide it from Home and Categories and only have it live in the Topics section. This will allow you to organize your archived content in one central location without it taking up space on the homepage.

  • Close: When selected, this option will close your content and it will be removed from the community immediately. You can also schedule your content pieces to close automatically during the last step of the content setup process in the ‘Schedule’ tab. Once a piece of content closes, it will continue to live in the ‘Content Management’ section in the moderator side in case you wish to re-open it, archive it, or export data later.Schedule Activity End
  • Delete: When this option is selected, the piece of content is permanently removed from both the moderator and member side. Be careful when selecting this option because once you delete a piece of content, will not be able to re-open it, export data, or archive it.
  • Copy: If you want to duplicate a piece of content quickly, you can select the ‘Copy’ option. This will create an exact replica of the original content. Once selected, you will be taken to the content setup page where you can make any changes to the copied content before publishing.
Updated on June 4, 2020

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