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QCing a Survey in Qualtrics

Below are our best practice steps for performing a Quality Control check on your Qualtrics survey prior to publishing:

After programming the survey, double check the following elements:

  • All survey logic
  • Randomization
  • Matching text box sizes.
  • “Other” anchored (not randomized)
    • Text boxes forced
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Ensure that the question order matches the Final Copy of the Word Document Draft
  • Make sure that all questions are marked as “Force Response” unless otherwise noted.
  • Check survey flow so that it matches the Word Document Draft
  • Make sure that the survey flow has an End of Survey block (?) at the end with a customized “Redirect to URL” field with the following link:
    • Redirect Link: ${e://Field/redirectURL}&surveyId=${e://Field/SurveyID}&responseId=${e://Field/ResponseID}&qualified=true
  • Label all text boxes T1, T2, etc., and all Questions Q1, Q2, etc. These numbers should match the word doc verbatim.
  • Use the Preview Survey feature to confirm that there is no issue with logic, images, or spelling/grammar.
  • Import survey and attach to content piece. For more information on importing a Qualtrics Survey, click here.
  • Take survey as a test member to make sure that it is working properly in community.
    • Once done delete test members survey from data in Qualtrics.
Updated on June 4, 2020

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