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Quick polls are one-question polls that display in an activity card on the community homepage. After members submit the poll, they can immediately see real-time results of the poll based on all community member answers (if results are enabled).

Quick polls are a great way to engage with members and provide them with a way to see how their response compares to the rest of the community. It’s also useful when you have a simple question to ask that does not require a larger survey with multiple questions.

How to Create a Quick Poll

  1. First, you’ll need to create the quick poll question from Surveys > Polls. Click the “+” button to start a new poll.
  2. Quick polls are currently available as one of the following question types only:
    1. Single Choice
    2. Multiple Choice

      The other questions types are not available for Quick Polls and can only be used in the member profile. Additional support for other question types will come in the future.

  3. Once you select the question type, add the Question and Answer options.
    1. Tips:
      1. Question Reference is used for exports and profiling points. It is a shortened version of the question text without spaces or special characters.
      2. Question Message is the user-friendly version of the question text that will display to members when they take the quick poll.
      3. Answer Reference is used for exports and profiling points. It is a shortened version of the answer text without spaces or special characters.
      4. Answer Message is the user-friendly version of the answer text that will display to members when they take the quick poll.
      5. The “eye” icon next to each answer option controls if the answer option will display to members. You cannot remove or delete an answer option after saving the poll. However, if you no longer want an answer option to display in the poll, you can return to Edit Poll page and deselect the eye icon, which will hide it from member view.
  4. Save your poll.
  5. You now need to create a new activity to publish this as a Quick Poll. Go to Activities and click the “+” button to start a new activity.
  6. You need to fill out the “Activity Details” step. Most of the details will not apply to the Quick Poll, but you do need to provide all required fields.
    1. Tips on required fields:
      1. Title: This does not display to members. You can give this activity any name you prefer for moderation purposes.
      2. Category: While you do need to select a category, the Quick Poll only displays on the homepage.
      3. Activity Card Description: This does not display to members, but you do need to provide text here. You can enter whatever you like in this field.
  7. Save & Continue to create the activity, then click the “Attach Surveys” tab to skip ahead (you do not need to fill out Description or Attach Media). Here, you will see new options to allow you to turn the activity into a Quick Poll:
  8. Select Quick Poll and then start typing the question text in the field. As you type, matching polls will display. Select the poll you want to use.
  9. Once you select the poll, you can choose to “Show poll results after submit” or “Hide poll results.”
    1. If you choose to show the results to members, the members will immediately see results of the poll after submitting their own answer. The results will continue to display to the member until the activity is closed.
    2. If you choose to hide results, you will be prompted to enter Thank You text that will display to the member after they submit the poll. When results are hidden, the quick poll activity card will no longer display after the member leaves the page.

      Only 1 poll can be attached to a Quick Poll activity.

  10. After attaching the poll to the activity, continue to the Invite and Schedule tabs.
    1. Invite works the same as any activity. You can choose to publish the quick poll to all members or a select segment of members.
    2. Schedule also works the same as any activity. You can schedule the start and end time for the poll in this section.
How to View a Quick Poll as a Moderator

When you login to the community with your moderator account, you’ll only see the results of the quick poll because you cannot participate as a moderator. If no responses have been submitted yet, you’ll see the question text and the chart will be empty/blank because no responses have been submitted. As soon as the first response is submitted, the chart will update to show real-time results as they are posted.

To view the Quick Poll as a member, login to the community with a Test Member account.

Quick Polls in the Community

Quick polls use the community button color (Settings > General Settings) for the results chart. The chart will be either a pie chart for single choice or bar chart for multiple choice and the colors will be shades of the button color.

If a poll has a lot of answer options, it will initially show as truncated in the card as follows:

When the user clicks anywhere in the card, an overlay will display with the full question where the member can answer considering all options.

Once the user submits an answer, the overlay closes and the page will refresh to show the poll results in the card or the Thank You message depending on the settings for the Quick Poll.


The truncated poll view will only happen on desktop browsers where the activity cards are a fixed height. On the mobile browser or mobile app, the card will adjust vertically to account for the number of answer options.

Exporting a Quick Poll

To export the results of a quick poll, you must perform an Activity Export of the activity the quick poll is attached to. The resulting file will contain the overall results in the first sheet, then a list of members’ individual responses in the second sheet.

Updated on January 17, 2020

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