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Recruitment URL Creation

In order to register for the community, community members must have access to a recruitment URLs.

Community managers have a high degree of flexibility on the member experience during the registration process. For instance, you may choose to include a qualification screener and customize the message members receive when the qualify or disqualify for the community.

Getting Started

First, navigate to Recruitment URLs page (Members > Recruitment URLs).

Recruitment URL - New URL

1. Recruitment Name

Name your recruitment here. This is an internal name and won’t be visible to community members

2. Recruitment Type

  • Single – The single recruitment link will generate one URL to be used by all prospective community members. This is most commonly used.
  • Multiple  You may also generate multiple URLs. In this case, each prospective community member will need to have their own URL. This is useful for tracking individuals through the entire recruitment flow.

Note: A unique URL may only be used once. Members will be presented with the Expired message if they try to use it again. If you select “Multiple” then you will need to set the number of unique URLs to generate. If you are sending an email to 250,000 people, you will need 250,000 URLs.

3. Max Signups

This caps the maximum number of signups from this particular URL. For instance, if you’d like to cap the number of recruits from any one source at 5,000 members, you would enter 5,000 in this box.

For unlimited signups, leave the number at 0.

4. Close non-activated accounts on expiration

When this option is enabled, any non-activated members who joined the community using this recruitment URL will have their accounts automatically close when the recruitment URL is closed/expired.

5. Schedule

Recruitment URL - Schedule

The URL will only be active during the time period specified. If no end date is selected, the link will not expire.

6. Recruitment Coming Soon (not required)

Recruitment URL - Messages

Provides a message to prospective members who have accessed the recruitment link prior to a recruitment starting.

7. Recruitment Expired

Provides a message to prospective members who have accessed the recruitment link after the link is expired. Consider using your company’s brand voice and a friendly message to members to explain that the link is expired.

Select “Save” or “Save and continue” to proceed to Qualification.


9. Qualification Type

Recruitment URL - Qualification

Recruitment URL - Survey

None: no survey is presented. Potential members are taken directly to the registration page.

Internal: an internal screening survey will be used to qualify community members.

9.b  Internal survey: Select the internal screening survey you will use for recruitment. Potential members are taken to the survey indicated in this field when they access the recruitment link. Select the internal screening survey you will use for recruitment.

9.b.i  Survey Page Branding: this option allows you to remove the community logo from the qualification survey page.

External: Select this option when using a 3rd-party to host the qualification survey.


10. Welcome/Registration Message 

Fill out the Welcome/Registration message that members will be presented with. This message will appear at the top of the registration page.

Recruitment URL - Welcome Message

Recruitment URLs using Internal Qualifications will require messages for Over Quotas and Terminated respondents in addition to the Welcome message.

Select “Save” or “Save and continue” to proceed to External Tracking.

Recruitment URL - External Tracking

If you are using a recruitment partner (using External Tracking), please follow the instructions in this article for setup.  Otherwise, select “Save”, “Save and Exit” or “Save & Export URL” to finish your setup.

Updated on June 15, 2018

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