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P2 Engine – Troubleshooting Profile Points

Profile Points include many different parts and are used in many areas of Fuel Cycle, which can be difficult to troubleshoot when the data appears to be missing or not the same in all places.

Below are some common issues people have reported:

I can’t see profile point data in exports when the source is a poll.

Go to Surveys > Polls and verify the answers are set to visible/enabled.

Profile Maps - poll visibility

The checkbox next the eye icon must be checked in order for the answer data to be included in profile points, groups based off profile points, and any exports.

When the checkbox is not selected, that answer and all data associated with it becomes hidden from the platform, which includes profile points and exports. The data is never deleted and you can always make the answer visible again by selecting the checkbox, which will enable the data to be used in the platform again.

IMPORTANT: If you previously had answers disabled and re-enable them, you need to return to P2 Engine and select the Refresh Data button at the top of the page. This will import the previously hidden poll data back into the profile point.

Please note:

  • The poll is not going to display to members when the answer is enabled here. To show the poll to members, you must either add it to the Member Profile and set the poll to display, or select “Show in Profile” in the profile point with that poll as the source.
  • If you have manually appended information into a poll, you need to keep the answers visible in the Poll settings. However, you don’t need to add the poll to the Member Profile because the data will continue to pull through the Profile Points. This will ensure members never see the data, but you can use it in the platform.

I’ve created or edited a profile point, but it doesn’t show up in Fuel Cycle exports.

Anytime you create a new profile point or edit an existing profile point, you MUST click the “Refresh Data” button at the top of the P2 Engine listing page. While the data is refreshing, you will see “Refreshing…”

Do not generate a new export until the refresh is done. You can leave the page while this is happening. When the button returns to the default state of “Refresh Data,” the process is done and you can generate an export to see the most current profile point data.

Profile point data is blank or showing as VIEW in Member Export for Alcehemer sources.

When this happens, the survey responses need to be re-imported into Fuel Cycle. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Login with a Fuel Cycle Super Moderator account.
  2. Launch Alchemer, find the survey and re-import the survey (by copying survey URL and pasting into Import survey field)
  3. After re-importing the survey, remain in Survey section and find the survey with the missing data. Click the “Import Responses” link.
  4. The link will change to “Pending” while the job runs to re-import the response.
  5. Once the import is done, it will show the timestamp when the import occurred.
  6. Now, go to Members > P2 Engine and click the “Refresh Data” button.
  7. Once the profile points have been refreshed, create a new member export to confirm the data is now showing.

I created a profile point, but in Qualtrics, I’m only seeing the profile point data for some respondents, not all.

Please read this article for how to make sure embedded data is refreshed for a Qualtrics survey. The information for this particular issue can be found in #2 in the article.

I exported a list of users in Qualtrics, but the profile point data isn’t showing up for all users.

Please read this article for how to push profile point data to the Qualtrics user list. The information for this particular issue can be found in #3 in the article.

Updated on October 5, 2021

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