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Update and Import Responses

*These features are only for use with Qualtrics*

In the Survey management section, you will notice two columns for “Update Responses” and “Import Response.” Please see the details below regarding those features.

Update Responses

Qualtrics Update Responses

This feature is to be used when there is new embedded data that needs to be pushed to a specific Qualtrics survey. For example, you would use this if you add/edit a new Profiling Point and want to push the profile answers as embedded data to a survey that already has responses (i.e., survey existed before the profile question was created and you want that profile data added to the survey).

Import Responses

Qualtrics Import Responses

This option is only necessary to do when one of the following happens:

  • A survey redirect didn’t work properly
  • Qualtrics or Alchemer had a technical issue and responses did not get imported into our platform initially
  • The survey was edited, but did not get reimported to our platform.
  • The responses were recorded on the survey provider side, but have not yet been imported to Fuel Cycle.

By clicking the “Import Response” link for a survey, all of the missing responses should pull into Fuel Cycle from your survey provider.

Updated on October 5, 2021

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